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  1. Most one bedroom flats which have been "refurbed" into two-bedroom flats (sticking the kitchen on a lounge wall and turning the old kitchen into a bedroom) would struggle to pass that standard!
  2. Winter fuel payments cost around £2.7bn pa. Estimated benefit overpayment is around £3.1bn pa.
  3. Well quite. Having lived previously in Brent for a while I could NOT believe the prices some people were paying. Sadly, some are still paying it but I have seen a drop in the last 6/9 months. There is a MASSIVE oversupply of flats in Brent with unrealistic prices, and a slew of properties which were bought at the height of the market by private "developers" which remain unrefurbished and on the market for ludicrous sums. They still believe you cannot lose money on property. Sadly, for now, the government agrees and is probably subsidizing the mortgages since these developers never had a real job in the first place.
  4. Under supply of money? And they have the nerve to use their own name? Slap in the face coming very soon for some.
  5. Indeed. The root cause of most troubles seems to be our inherent greed and the policies we allow to be adopted on our behalf which perpetuate greed. This inherent greed may have allowed us to get "out of the trees", but being sentient beings I would think we would have learned to grow out of it. Alas we haven't - take a look at the in-fighting seen around the world and we don't seem to have learned very much at all.
  6. From the tone of your posts, it sounds like you "own" a property and wish everyone else did so we could all be "happy owning" (or renting from the bank if you prefer).
  7. I'm both perplexed and amused at the undercurrent of anger from some people who can't seem to accept that some people are happy to rent. And this from anonymous people basing their opinions about other anonymous people with absolutely no insight into the type of person these posters are.
  8. It's gone back up today by £5. More twigs in the vase? 28 July 2010 * Price changed: from '£2,794,990' to '£2,794,995' 24 July 2010 * Price changed: from '£2,794,995' to '£2,794,990' [Found by n/a] 18 July 2010 * Price changed: from '£2,794,999' to '£2,794,995' [Found by n/a] 05 July 2010 * Price changed: from '£2,795,000' to '£2,794,999' [Found by n/a] 22 June 2010 * Initial entry found. [Found by n/a]
  9. I've seen the unreleased transcript of the last BofE meeting. It contained two words and they were both Wibble.
  10. So how much time was spent getting the employees pretty much an inflation increase in salary for 3 years ?
  11. They've already done the sums but won't give in until there's a mob outside their office with pitchforks.
  12. +1. People complain about stuff but don't understand how it actually works. If they did, they may direct their anger at someone else.
  13. Do you also see elephants in rooms that no one else does?!
  14. I think the upward pressure on prices may become negative for a while.
  15. Which is why my belief is that ALL public sector jobs should be paid a NET wage - what is the point of paying someone money from tax receipts and then taking it back in tax? Don't start me on tax credits!
  16. But they are paying tax from money which comes from taxes!!
  17. a school building does not a school make.

  18. Is it a human right in Wales to have a public sector job? Me no understand.
  19. I hope the stress tests include the scenario that 25% of the bank's deposits are withdrawn overnight.
  20. Have you asked your mother about this? Is she quite happy to take the debt off your hands? Do you still live with her? What happens if you get sacked and can't afford to pay her back? Will she be happy with this? Will it affect your relationship? In short - it's your debt. Be careful what you do with it.
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