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  1. Clearly they are counting all staff including back-office and probably even the cleaners to make the average look low.

    It's a known fact that bankster bonuses are distributed following an exponential curve, 1% of the banksters get a larger bonus than the remaining 99% together...

    God. I thought people understood that income tax was evil. Step back and see the cause, not the effect.

  2. Not sure he'll get it.

    If he thinks the current house price is the actual, "fair" value of the house, he won't see the difference between the two.


    " I'm prepared to spend 25 years paying for your house, but not for the extra bubble price for your retirement and social care too. "

    Sorry, not catchy. Hoping someone can fix that.

    I'm not prepared to spend 25 years paying for your house.

  3. To be fair, many of these new universities are existing very successful technical colleges which do courses that actually lead to actual jobs - eg Harper Adams in my county of Shropshire.

    Unlike many of the existing universities who do courses that frankly are a fraud on the young people who sign up for them.

    Indeed. I think this says more about society's infatuation to convince people that a stupid kid at university is more valuable than a clever kid at college. Worrying.

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