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  1. Fergus Wilson finds selling his properties heavy going Alan Lee's weekly Diary includes news of an owner who often runs rank outsiders in the big National Hunt races Alan Lee, Diary * Recommend? Fergus Wilson is a combative character, always ready to defend his policy of running 100-1 shots in the biggest jumps races. It seems he has not been entirely deterred, either by persistent criticism or by the reported financial problems of the buy-to-let property business he runs with his wife, Judith. The fortune of the couple, both former maths teachers, was recently estimated at £100 million but the intention to sell their portfolio of 700 properties in Kent, before retirement, has apparently been a casualty of the recession. No buyer has been found. Wilson's ambition is to win the Grand National and this year's nominees are Cerium, who was fifth last year, and Mr Pointment. Both run in the colours of Mrs Wilson and are also among 19 horses left in the Gold Cup. It is their presence on the big day at Cheltenham next month that would cause controversy - they are respectively rated 60lb and 52lb behind Kauto Star. Paul Nicholls, trainer of Kauto Star and a vocal critic of Wilson's windmill-tilting, will be the most sensitive on this issue. Meanwhile, the Cheltenham song - an adaptation of Petula Clark's Downtown on which Nicholls is among the chorus singers - continues to attract attention. It will have its first radio play tomorrow morning on Sarah Kennedy's Radio 2 show. BBC TV's Points West this week screened Edward Gillespie, managing director of Cheltenham, conducting his staff of 25 in an improvised version.
  2. Similar fate to befall Anthea Turner if the Administrators get their act tgether
  3. Punch Taverns, Capital Pub Company
  4. My man told me last nite that Mr S. says that prics on the big stuff are now half of wot they were in 2007. Worst affected are Mill Hill & Golders.
  5. As usual when "Senor General Einstein71" pops up all is sweet. Rents in Spain are falling thru the floor alongside property values. So Senor tell us the are, propertry description and rent you receive and i will expose your statements for what they are! Over to you Senor!
  6. Rentals are now about 400 E a month for a basic 3 bedroom townhouse anywhere bar Marbella.
  7. Any1 know how bad things are. Must be bad if he is bossing his editors to keep on ramping.
  8. I've just visited friends in velez malaga. The amount of empty property allover the costa truly has to be seen to be believed. "Ghost Town" by The Specials sums it all up. A few months back I heard about some of the property maintenance scams that go on where owners on urbanisations get well and truly tucked up. Well the "new boy" in town is now private security services. Suddenly all the Town Halls have approved contractors offering courses with instant certification. As regards the price of property i was told that the market is stalling around the fact that a lot of Spanish property speculators have hit the nego equity wire and truly don't know what to do next. With each new "rip off the property owner scheme" that surfaces the property values just melt away. A lot of people just seem to be renting now as they can easily pick and choose both location and what they pay. A nice 3/4 bedroom flat or townhouse won't cost more than E500 Max. So the prices must be a calculation based on that as previously posted.
  9. Seem to track each other so more grief in the pipeline. Thanks
  10. 'Luckily, scams like this are few and far between but people must always check the status of land before they buy it in Spain. 'It is best to hire a reputable lawyer to deal with the transactions as you would in the UK.' Standard rubbish. Point being majority are corrupt in Spain. In the land of Fraud u get conned.
  11. Be serious are the Yanks gonna give the Iraqis their oil back? Do u seriously believe that?
  12. More tall tales from Generalisimo Einstein71
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