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  1. THis is my last post on HPC and for what it's worth, here's why. The HPC story is out of the bag now. This site has been great for people to talk about it while the mainstream media largely ignored reality. But things have moved on and IMO the media are now a better source of information and opinion about the housing market than this site. There are too many unpleasant people on here. I'm all for free discussion but with that comes a freedom to stop participating. IMO too many people on here are bitter, racist humbugs or religious nutcases who have no real interest in HPC but are more interested in conveying to the world their bizarre, warped view of things. Anyone who disagrees with them, or even questions their view becomes a target. It is no longer a place where the majority of debate is high quality and informed by evidence and argument. There are still some high quality posters on here (?...!, RB, Levy Process, to name a few) but unfortunately their voices are increasingly being drowned out by a shrill and bigoted number of regular posters. There are too many people on here who have an axe to grind or an ideological position to defend, and this makes debates confrontational and closed. More often than not discussions end in insults or pointless ad hominen arguments (you're a troll, you're an idiot). This makes discussion pointless. So bye and thanks for all the fun. Cue Aunt Jess: "Good riddance..."
  2. It's all totally artificial anyway. Any bank with divisions in the US or Europe is probably tapping the Fed or ECB for funds as we speak. It is only becazuse of what happened to NR that no one wants to get their money from the BoE...
  3. Agree with you in that I am not a foaming at the mouth, shut the borders member of the BNP. And of course many immigrants contribute hugely to this country. Disagree with you on the idea that you can easily implement a set of rules for immigrants which is quite different from those for the indigenous population. If people should generally work, not claim benefits, etc. then I reckon that should apply to everyone, not just immigrants. Once someone is here are you going to say you deserve no benefits, even though your partner may be working and contributing taxes, but an indigenous family whose members have never worked should have a cast iron right to those same benefits? Very odd to me.
  4. Why keep it as a garage when you could double your yield by putting 5 poles / 10 chinese people in there?
  5. Or clever on the grounds that responding to a rumour shows total panic.
  6. No, it's a rumour - one of several thousand that do the rounds every day Investments can go up as well as down, you may not get your money back...yawn
  7. And we all know what happens to an old man's willy when it gets cold..
  8. And Barclays responded by downgrading HSBC for being "a pile of horsesh!t!"
  9. All lending is risk-taking. The only question for the lender is: am i pricing this risk correctly? It doesn't matter if there are huge bad debts (from the lenders' point of view) provided that the good debts are sufficiently lucrative. HSBC seem to be in this position. Sub-prime, IMO, is not a helpful term because it makes it seem like certain people or certain lenders are the problem, when in fact it is really a matter of general lending practices and whether risk has been appropriately priced. Obviously in places it hasn't been correctly priced but it's a mistake to think that a loan is sub prime just because someone is likely to default on it.
  10. Well the Netherlands is just across the Channel. Wouldn't be the first time...
  11. I was praising the British, in a manner of speaking. Genius empire builders, no doubt about it.
  12. No I didn't deny the infrastructure bit. It just wasn't my point. I was just saying that we did actually used to 'outsource' fighting to India. That was my point. Nothing to do with infrastructure. You're a bit tetchy aren't you?
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