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  1. Excellent advice, but still looks ridiculously overpriced to me. Keep your money in your pocket teachertim.
  2. S'OK, I work in finance, 90 assignats or mandats means nothing to me. If you are feeling like that, take a deep breath, sit back, and come back in 12 months time.
  3. Survivors was 30 years ahead of its time. Just buy the DVDs
  4. Must admit that I don't know the area either...all I can say is that it seems only yesterday that my parents sold a 4 bed detached in HG2 for < £150k
  5. that's OK, there is significant variation on HPI within Y&H over last few years, ie. between north & west yorkshire, but the nationwide calculator has been pretty close to the mark for the properties in which I have been interested...on this basis £140k+ seems pretty steep for the property shown above(?)
  6. From Nationwide House Price Calculator: Results:- A property located in Yorkshire & Humberside which was valued at £90000 in Q4 of 2003, would be worth approximately £115520 in Q1 of 2006. Wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.
  7. Because they're a jolly good band, and nice to see them still going after all these years.
  8. $650 combined with some strength coming back into HUI would be my buying point...but WTF do I know?
  9. Pillock and Krusty must be in there, surely :angry:
  10. Not so sure I agree - the way I read the charts I see DJIA hitting an all-time high in 2006, closing the year well above 12,000. Consider what happened to the MERV in Argentina when their currency collapsed...
  11. Harrogate generally leads in Yorkshire (it lead on the way up), so where Harrogate is now, expect those West Yorkshire towns to be following in 12 months time.
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