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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for your comments on this thread Dorkins. I don't comment here usually, but I do read a lot and I've found your posts well argued and informative. You've also managed to slightly change my mind about the issue of not voting, as I agree that many people cast their votes from a completely uninformed point of view and this really isn't helping the electoral system. Nice to see that this site is still worth reading!
  2. Doesn't look as though the Tories are too keen on reversing it. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/11/20090423/tpl-o...50-0a1c1a1.html
  3. Have already started, largely thanks to advice from here. I don't think the future's looking too rosy for anyone right now. I think the main worry in the place where I work is a change of government, as I work in research and the Tories don't exactly have an exemplary record at funding that sort of thing. Come general election time we could be in real trouble...
  4. My partner and I both work in the public/third sector, and thus far things seem to be holding up OK in both of our organisations, with recruitment still proceeding and no redundancies yet. However, my sister works for the NHS and they are currently paring down their non-clinical workforce quite a bit by the look of things. I'm starting to think that forgoing a much larger salary to do a job where I believe I might actually do some good for people might have been sensible after all, but in the long term I have no confidence that any jobs will be 'safe' or that my standard of living won't drop as much as the next person's.
  5. This post has just tempted me out of a three-year lurkdom on this board because I couldn't let it go without saying how brilliant I thought it was - congratulations!
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