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  1. I fully support Phillipe in Nice's advice on the process to find a property that ticks all the right boxes. We (family of 3) had 6-7 week long holidays to 5 locations in France (Nice, Gap, Annecy, Lyon, Basel) and narrowed on the Annecy/Geneva/Chamonix triangle for our final 'research'. In Nov2015 my wife gave up work in the UK to focus on the house search and arranged visits to properties found on seloger.fr, exchanging many emails with agents (thank god for googletranslate). In the week before Christmas2015 we viewed 6 houses over a 3 day period, and only two houses met the final shortlist. On return to the UK we made our offer of full asking price of 485K (agent fees included) euros for a beautiful 204 sqm chalet style 1992 built house in Marignier (Haute-Savoie) which was immediately accepted. Sadly the owner died a week later (he had terminal cancer which we were informed of minutes before our viewing). We naturally gave the surviving spouse and daughter time to grieve but informed them we would stand by our offer whatever time it took. In Feb2016 we pursued the purchase with our notaire and in May we concluded the purchase. We moved to our Marignier house in July after my 17 yo son had finished his final year at a senior school in the UK. So if there is a lesson here, it takes time to buy a house in France (and probably elsewhere). Estate agents never give all the photos and information that you need for a purchase, you really must visit each candidate property and haggle on the price if you wish but be prepared to lose or walk away and return for another visit 6 weeks later as Phippe in Nice suggests. We were lucky in hindsight with a single 3 day visit. Wishing you all a happy experience searching for your French property.
  2. Sorry for the really late reply. We bought in a town called Marignier in the Haute-Savoie. It's 35-40 mins to Geneva, Chamonix and Annecy. Love it here, just bought my ski season pass (~500 Euros) for the Grand Massif ski area, 20 min drive away, 4-5 ski areas all interlinked. From our house I can see 2-3 of the runs down, made clearer by the recent snowfall. My French is slowly improving, but really must put more effort into it. Have made contact with the local Ski Marignier/Thyez ski club who organise weekly skiing at different ski areas on Sundays, should be a good way to meet more people and improve my French. My 18 yo son is continuing piano lessons at the Marignier music school, which my cunning plan for him to likewise get out and meet others and improve his French.
  3. In mid-May we completed the purchase of our French house, it went surprisingly well with a meeting in our notaire's office (in Annecy) with the seller's notaire, seller and estate agent all present. The meeting was very high tech in my view with all the final documents presented and explained on a large LCD screen for all to see. The process was conducted in both French and English with the final signatures on an electronic tablet. This whole process and all the communications leading up to the final signing was a real pleasure. I somehow doubt this happen in the UK, ok, maybe not as bad as using the quill pen in the Sarah Beany estate agent advert. We are now in the process of getting the utilities sorted, broadband, selling UK car and buying French registered LHD car, all takes time ahead of our move date in a few weeks time. Happy to explain further if anybody is interested.
  4. Am in the process of buying (compromis de vente stage) in France in the Haute Savoie, approx 200 sqm house costing in total 530K Euro, with mountain views in most directions and in a village setting. I estimate the equivalent house in M4 commuter corridor west of London would be £800K + with no views to speak of, so our France house is about half the price and much better quality, with underfloor heating throughout. We have been renting in the UK since 2003 (sold up owned house in West London to rent), so this is our well earned escape from the UK. I have followed HPC forum for over 15 years, but rarely posted. Am apathetic to the whole housing situation in the UK, its been overpriced in my mind for over 30 years or more, at least double what house prices should be. Anyway, I wish everyone the best for future. Thank you AgentImmo and DavidG and many others for their France posts, I have always enjoyed reading them.
  5. Private Baldrick: Captain Blackadder, how did we get from a time when there wasn't a Global Financial Crisis to a time when there was a Global Financial Crisis? Captain Blackadder: You mean “How did the Global Financial Crisis start”? Lieutenant George: The Global Financial Crisis started, Baldrick, because of the vile, lazy unemployed scroungers, the greedy public taking out debts which they could not repay and the nasty Governments spending more than they should have Captain Blackadder: Nonsense George, I've told you before to stop reading the “Daily Mail” and stick to “For King and Country” You see Baldrick, it came to be accepted that the only way to avoid a Global Financial Crisis was to give away all democratic controls over banks so that they could flourish, free of restraint, and the market would self regulate, giving stability and growth to the economy. The really big clever banks set about developing a range of fantastic new products, designed by whizz kid maths PhD's, which only a few people understood (unfortunately, not the not-so-clever banks who bought them). These not-so-clever banks used massive leverage to trade huge amounts of these products, and because the market is always right, no-one dared to ask any questions; anyway, how could there be a problem since all the banks, not just the really big clever ones, were making shed loads of money and, anyway, the products were given top ratings by “independent” ratings agencies, who surely had nothing to gain by distorting the valuations? Even the economists, who, it has to be said, were quite secretly pleased that, at last, their voodoo nonsense was being made respectable by the use of complex differential equations, proving it must be a true science, not the useless tripe it was always thought to be by those who lived in the real world. And, in any event, all the banks were audited by super-duper high-integrity accountancy firms who consistently found no cause for concern in the banks accounts, although for some reason which no-one could quite explain, these accountancy firms had recently tended to switch from their traditional high-personal- responsibility role to limited liability status, almost as if they anticipated a bit of flak in no-mans' land and they may need the an extra escape route against the vile hun if a few awkward questions were asked later. You see Baldrick, that way, there could never be another Global Financial Crisis Private Baldrick: But Captain, this is a type of Global Financial Crisis? Captain Blackadder: Yes Baldrick, you see, there was a teensy flaw in the plan. Private Baldrick: What was that, Captain? Captain Blackadder: It was Bollock$!
  6. Yes it is very similar, it is square. God help us!
  7. This reminds me of a passer by commenting to a sign writer outside of a pub called Pig and Whistle saying "You have put a bigger space between Pig and and and and and Whistle". Is this grammatically correct? Doesn't matter, it amuses my little mind. Back to HPC ...
  8. Like any auction (how else would they do it?), Greek state assets can simply fail to meet the reserve Anyway, as already posted, the Greek people would not accept this.
  9. I wonder if the Greek politicians have a hidden agenda. 1) Vote and accept austerity measures 2) Take money from IMF, ECB 3) Only then go bankrupt/default on payments 4) Cancel austerity legislation Possibly this should be done to maximize billions received. Could it be that simple.
  10. Thank you for posting this film. I must say I was not aware of the concept of "odious debt". This film does a great job in describing how corrupt the banking system is. Go Greece, set up an audit commission to investigate the details of the 'Greek debt' and refuse to pay that found to be odious. I would go further and fully support Greece to default on all debt that causes unfair hardship in the country. The b*****ers must be taught a lesson!!!!
  11. I don't think this requires heavy handed regulation, it just needs people to vote with their feet. If sufficient numbers of people moved there accounts and investments to 'ethical banks' (for the want of a better name) then more banks might take up this new approach to banking. Actually I don't believe the big players have any hope of redemption they have seen too much profit from the past and rewarded themselves with huge bonuses for doing sweet FA. Nobody would trust a them given this past record.
  12. Thank you. I believe that is exactly the kind of bank that could do well in this period. The fact that that they make 'naff all cash' is seen by me as a positive. Will I move my banking from NatWest to Coop? - I'm going to think about it after some research.
  13. Maybe this is an opportunity for a new kind of bank to emerge, one based on an ethical charter. - No investments in exotic products - ethical investments (whatever they may be) - traditional banking - No fat cat salaries/bonuses, minimal overheads (probably internet only) Can we turn the clock back 20, 30, 40 years to create a bank as they used to be (ok I know we didn't have the internet option then). Such a bank would definitely get my business.
  14. Look guys, I've read the rules of Monopoly ... and when you are in prison you simply are not allowed to buy houses, although you can still receive rent. Seems the rules of Monopoly are more fair than real life, or they were set in a time when going to prison was seen as a punishment as opposed to now when it's more like a holiday at the governments expense. Of course the situation today (conspiracy theory mode on) is due to lawyers and judges creating a market for themselves. If you lock up criminals for long sentences (as the public want) then they are no longer free to commit more crime and thus work for lawyers and judges.
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