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  1. so what your saying is Greece is in total collapse (as far as the outside in view) but their property prices are still expensive. Where does that leave the UK when all foreign people see is value here because of the devaluation of the pound. I have Saudis on a job in my company telling me 1million pound homes in London are cheap! WTF!
  2. The massive difference between Rightmoves and Halifax's prices just shows me how out of touch sellers are with the market and how much estate agents are trying to ramp the market. One estate agent round our way has 80% of property marketed under their name, why?... because they tell the seller their house is worth more than the competing agent. Hence the seller thinks they will sell for more. It's not long before they are on the phone getting the seller to drop the price though and because the seller is tied into a contract what's the seller to do lol... idiots!
  3. Is that it? I thought there would be resistance from all corners on here except I am suprised the overall mood is... Buy!!!
  4. I have looked at values using zoopla and mouseprice etc. but the trouble with the street is that all the houses are different and have vastly different prices. For example 2007 saw 7 houses sold, highest paid was £185 and lowest £135k. Most on the street are without exception and much smaller.
  5. I havn't made it up 100% hence the posts, if I don't go for it now though I need to do something with the 45k cash (investments, foreign currencies, precious metals etc), or else it will depreciate with the property in the UK. Could go no tie in Variable BOE Tracker at 2.95% but can get 5 fixed for 4.99%. Question there is, which one to go for, that's the gamble. I am not inherently a gambler, except for 20 notes at the odd black jack table but 4.99 fixed is the one I am catering for at the moment just for the simple reason it gives forsight which makes me more comfortable. tracker could stay low for years and years though if recent news is to be believed.
  6. Yes, will be looking to live there 10 years + really (want to overpay where possible and look to have it paid off in 15 if life permits). Perfect property is a hard one as a 1-2 million quid mansion would be my dream but the property is certainly more desireble than the average, yes. I'm not quibbling about the 7.5k difference in asking v offered i'm rather seeking opinion on the whole aspect based on the 167,500 value I have put forward. After expenses I will still have circa 1k per month disposable so assuming life continues to fair well I don't think I am stretching myself. The mortgage will be 3.57 of my basic sal.
  7. I have mulled as a reader on this site for a while now slowly, patiently waiting and seeking the advice given by the likes of.. ahem.. sibley..NOT!... joking aside I'll carry on... Anyway, I have come to a point in which I need to make a concrete decission. I am a very careful prudent person currently live at home aged 30 and have savings of around £49k. My girlfriend and I have been looking at houses over the last year and have viewed in the region of 30+ properties. Trouble is, expecially with the current climate, there mostly "crap" needing at least new kitchens and bathrooms to get them to a standard I would be happy with (basically at least 10k of upfront spend and it would still be a shoe box). We are talking 3 bedroom standard semi's here (well... 2.5!!). Also in some smaller properties of about 20k less (135k) in my area a serious extension would cost circa 30-40k, and thats assuming you have the space which most dont. Anyway, we viewed a property last week which is a 4/5 bedroom semi, been extended, brand new kitchen and bathroom done to a very high standard (all new appliences inc, fridge freezer, cooker range, dish washer, washing machine all integrated and carpets etc etc.) with large garden and large summer house etc. They originally had it on the market for £185k (august) and have dropped it to £175k. I went in with an offer of £160 which was rejected. I then went back with £165k and they again rejected that. Anyway my final offer which I have put to them is £167,500. i'll tell you what the agent has said to this in a later post as it will give you a chuckle but first the question... I now need to make a decission on what to do with 49k. Buy the house or get out of sterling/spread the risk and stay put saving another 1-2 years (not ideal for me and the girlfriend who have been together over 10 years both at own parents home). The house would be £720 mortgage per month and I am on £35k in an as stable as I can guess at, professional job. The house I am looking at was bought by the current owner for £67,000 in 1996 (with extension already built). BIG QUESTION, what would you do given the price of the property (is it priced right given what it was bought for in 1996?), the amount of deposit (£42k + 7 left over in the bank) and state of sterling? Cheers.
  8. This is not a suprise to me. I was only just speaking to my better half (a conveyancing solicitor) who was at a conference this morning. She was saying that in large lending had increased from banks and people are now finding it easier to get mortgages, however the problem the industry still has is for first time buyers as the LTV's are too high for them. So from what I can gather up to now is that we will still be going down in the long trend but at a slower pace.
  9. Because it went down significantly two days before that?...
  10. I don't usually post here, more of a browser myself but I do agree that OP is a nob. Just think, if everyone done what you said you have, you would just be as f**ked as everyone else so don't complain about it!
  11. Ok, lets put this another way then as A: I do understand what you ware saying and agree but B: its going to happen no matter what you or anyone else thinks as it is natural for a human being to want to protect what is their own. Hence... If i wanted to withdraw 10k from HBOS right now to go a buy a load of solid gold coins, then what is the quickest method of doing this?
  12. That's a bit far fetched, they won't all go, someones got to hold the cash.
  13. I understand where your coming from but to be fair has the guarentee ever been tested and how long would it take to get your cash back?... form filling, paper, ques!... stuff that.
  14. I have about 10k in HBOS, can I just go to the bank and withdraw this. I know some banks only allow £1500 maximum withdrawl? If I move it via the web then it will take 4 days... which I may not have! Any suggestions on getting my cash out quick. I'd rather not have to do it but rather be safe than sorry I say.
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