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  1. In our small town businesses that seem to be doing well: - a trad sweet shop, taking over where Woolies left off - tea shops, bizarrely, seem v busy
  2. Thank you for this suggestion but I don't think they'll go for it, sadly. They really want to just move intho their own place. I know no one HAS to buy, absolutely agree, but they WANT to, very much. <shrugs> If our house was bigger I'd have offered them somewhere to live temporarily but we just don't have any room. Thanks all for this advice.
  3. Teddybear, it's not at all convenient for me for them to move to be nearer us: it means I will have to do a lot of helping to look after them and as I've already said, I don't have that much time. We have a good income and don't need the money but I rather think they might need it for nursing home fees at some point. I am glad they're moving as dh wants to be able to see more of them, wants to be around to help them and wants them to see their granddaughter. So it's not going to practically make our lives any easier, the reverse in fact! But it is morally the right thing to do. What I do realise is that FIL worked a LOT of hours for this, his life savings, and I think it's a great shame that he thinks this poxy house is worth £200k, because I don't. She can't walk, has a hoist, lots of equipment, it's really not feasible for them to rent and they don't want to, which is fair enough once you're in your 70s I think. I do appreciate all the advice here, thank you all. We've found some other places so hoping to persuade them into one of those. You never know! (Hi KatieDD! Thanks for all your advice too )
  4. Erm, yes, I'm a newbie, I should think you were once too. I first registered in 2007, have been reading your boards for quite a bit longer than that and have agreed with a lot of the stuff on them re for ages. I post prolifically on other fora so no, I haven't posted much here, y'know, job, 2 children, a husband, an addiction to another talk board, blah blah, all = not enough time, frankly. I wouldn't buy now, no way, no how but this is for my elderly in laws. They need to move because one of them can't walk. So given that they do HAVE to buy I'm trying to get them the best price. Fair enough? I really appreciate the advice I've had here. Thank you all. FIL is panicking that someone else is going to make an offer over the weekend and he's going to lose it, I have told him I think it's MOST unlikely.
  5. Blimey, Beaconsfield is nice but not that nice. Great photos.
  6. Thank you all, I have offered £175k today, the ea called me back and said "I'll mention it to them but you should know that they turned down an offer of £205k a couple of weeks ago" - I said I didn't want it 'mentioned' I wanted the offer passed on and that they should have taken the £205k and run imo. That bungalow in Pinner, eww too, I reckon it's worth £220k tops.
  7. Thank you Scarecrow. You're probably right. I'm going to offer £175k on Monday and see what happens. And if we have to, we'll go up. I have to get over my feelings of irritation at the greed of the sellers I guess.
  8. Oh I know, horrible house. EA has just come back and said "they rejected an offer of £200k 3 weeks ago and they want between £200 and £215k" This is ********, surely? NO WAY is it worth more than £175k TOPS. Anyway, the guy wants it so I am considering going back with £175k offer on Monday <sigh> Really, I want to tell them to forget it.
  9. Thank you, they have cash, actual cash in the bank and don't need a mortgage.
  10. ha ha that is funny, who's have thought it hey?
  11. Well, yes, that's an option. Tbh, if it was me I would do it but they are desperate to move, elderly and scared of losing the house. I don't think it's a huge risk as I think there are other houses as nice out there. However, they are allowing me to negotiate on their behalf, so that's something. He'd have offered £200k had I not stopped him.
  12. Thank you all for your help. They are elderly and moving from another area so have to move as one of them is infirm. they have just offered £160k and the est agt sounded shocked.
  13. Hello, I hope this sort of question is allowed on here but if not I feel sure someone will tell me. We know someone who wants a house like this (and has to move so can't wait to see what happens) and is thinking of making an offer. I reckon they should start at £150k and work up, but not too much further. They have cash in the bank. All views welcome, TIA http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-207...p;mam_disp=true WWW
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