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  1. Errol

    More than 200 UK shopping centres 'in crisis'

    With council tax rising by 5%, gas bills going up, virtually every other bill going up - where exactly is the consumer supposed to get money to spend from?
  2. Clear sign of recovery. I should add - if these people are already in poverty (presumably), why are they having children? Totally irresponsible.
  3. Errol

    I think the wait is over

    The answer to this is : 'I do'. Raising children and creating a home is the most important job that most people (mainly women) will ever do.
  4. Errol

    I think the wait is over

    They wanted equality and now they have the right to sit at a desk in a badly lit office for 40 years doing dire paper-pushing. I'm not sure they thought this through.
  5. Why should they care? What if you'd spent those 3 weeks in Moscow and Tehran? What if you'd spent them on the beach? It's totally irrelevant.
  6. 'Prevailing orthodoxy' = narrative provided to Government, the EU, most media to fool the plebs into letting immigration destroy their nations.
  7. Ask Jim Rickards. It was from his twitter. In any event, as far as gold is concerned, Russia is probably the most transparent of all the major nations. The US is completely non-transparent and won't even permit an audit. China is obviously not transparent either as most suspect it hold thousands of tonnes more than it claims to possess.
  8. Register your support for the Brexit Party here - https://www.thebrexitparty.org/ This party will be contesting any future election should Brexit not be carried out in accordance with the referendum.
  9. Stop 95% of immigration first. No tax raises before that is done.
  10. Errol

    Biggest fall in RPI since Jan 2009

    They have the same issue in the US: A Financial System Headed For A Collision With Debt The retail sales report for December – delayed because of the Government shut-down – was released this morning. It showed the largest monthly drop since September 2009. Online sales plunged 3.9%, the steepest drop since November 2008. Not surprisingly, sporting goods/hobby/musical instruments/books plunged 4.9%. This is evidence that the average household has been forced to cut back discretionary spending to pay for food, shelter and debt service (mortgage, auto, credit card, student loans). http://investmentresearchdynamics.com/a-financial-system-headed-for-a-collision-with-debt/
  11. Agree. And this is precisely why immigration needs to be cut by 90%+. Britain won't be British if the current wave of people continues. And certainly not if a proportion of the 30 million Africans planning to migrate make their way here. You could argue that it is already too late for many European nations (Belgium, France etc).
  12. Percentage change in gold reserves 2010-2019. Russia's winning. China's opaque. The world is starting to wake-up. The U.S. is sound asleep.
  13. Errol

    I think the wait is over

    In that case the landlord would find himself buried in a new hole dug on the beach.
  14. Can't one be hired for £10k or under in nearly all of Europe?
  15. Nice work, if you can get it!

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