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  1. So according to Owen Smith et all, if the government loses the vote to enact article 50, they'd push for another referendum. Would they then be looking for parliament to accept the outcome if the decision was reversed ? I doubt it. I suspect the government's appeal will fail and MPs will vote to enact article 50. I doubt she'll call a snap election. It will be interesting to learn which way most MPs would vote at this point ? Currently we 329 conservative MP's,most of whom would follow the whip ? 231 labour and 54 SNP. So the Tories would need a rebellion in order to lose the vote ?
  2. http://img254.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=20622_ccde_Cel_Mr._Presodent_04_123_493lo.jpg
  3. I would have linked it without the dancing (although excellent) but it doesn't appear to be listed a the 2nd toon only.
  4. Toon ! Also a nice vocal trance with Tiff Lacey
  5. I'd prefer this from the 90's to be honest
  6. Probably a repost. I find the "timing" in this track to be quite uplifting.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAG66qeZJUo
  8. I noticed a thread once here is now conspicuous by its absence - Am I therefore to assume that Rhea Page is a no-no ?
  9. I've not experienced any moves etc - what I will say though is the moderating here is pretty good compared with some sites. I like to hack consoles,but I'm a bit of noob. Quite often I'll post a really long and well thought out question which is actually valid and not a complete waste of time and it's not posted at all ! Then on the same section of the forum someone will write "need help now" (no please or thankyou) as the thread title and in text body using text talk say sumting like "i got a burn a xdg3 init" and it's posted ! Seriously WTF. Moan over....
  10. I agree - the rule book has been torn up here. No doubt people are being burnt alive -
  11. Arson of course often results in life and often without prospect of release - what scares me is that these people seem to have no fear,at all.
  12. Ironically I was searching Google for this story and found this link - it's actually a big story but has received little attention. It's shocking to think that 52 are employed full time to produce what is basically drivel - Radio 1 appears to be targeted at 12 yr old's these days - but then perhaps it always has been.
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