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  1. This might help explain where the most money is made in manufacturing, although it doesn't confirm if they are the largest employer..... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/3084718.stm
  2. IMO, certainly worthy of a place on the main page. Thanks "dog" for your efforts past, and hopefully future. Please mods reconsider your decision.
  3. Uncle Sam might be able to take up the investor demand
  4. Amy tries the gumments solution for a recovery.............. i.e. if debts the problem , more debt should fix it.... drink yourself sober.......Q.E.asy does it
  5. ..........Thread Deflation???............ ......................NOT.................
  6. Please read this link to the IMF's website, there will be no conditions or policy change requirements for developed countries such as U.K. , U.S.A. etc... http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/survey.../NEW032409A.htm
  7. It seems there will be no conditions for countries with "strong fundamentals" any more . The IMF are just going to hand out free cash..... Hyperinflation anyone... Linky to IMF website.... http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/survey.../NEW032409A.htm
  8. As I understand it "sdr's" were baked into the IMF cake specifically for this sort of event, to act as a lender of last resorts, lender of last resort sort of thing. What i have been led to believe is this is the IMF's version of a printing press, where they can magic any currency into existance. If this is correct there are probably plans in place already. As for this blokes angle on it well that is disputable . I will try and find a copy of the summary he has ... edited for linky to report...... http://www.londonsummit.gov.uk/resources/e...inal-communique
  9. Good find m i s, So our future has been decided "democraticaly" by our leaders. I wonder when they will have the good grace to actually tell us. :angry: :angry:
  10. Here is a few auction houses to peruse, auction houses Post #10 by "Onlyme" is pretty comprehensive.
  11. Thanks, tommyboy, very interesting results. A friends daughter , who happened to be a senior equities analyst at lehmans until yesterday, bought a house identical to the one in lot 3 in July last year for £400,000 . The area is called the "Apostles" and is suppossed to be one of the prime areas in SW20. As we can see a 25% haircut from last year suggests even the quality houses are feeling the pinch.
  12. already down 90+ ... http://www.igindex.co.uk/
  13. If you're bored or just interested in following this crash the Lehman message board can be quite interesting sometimes, but mostly full of pumpers and shorts doing battle , which can be quite an amusing sideline. Linky: http://messages.finance.yahoo.com/Stocks_(...umview?bn=10602
  14. You could also suggest putting it up for auction with no reserve as this will probably result in a price much lower than an estate agents "guess", even with the costs of the auction taken into consideration. If you can look at the auction results from your local area and compare the results to houses advertised in your local estate agents . here's a list of auction houses...http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=85267 auction list
  15. Thanks tommyboy for taking the time and effort to compose this. IMO auction results are the single most important guide to sentiment in the market .
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