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  1. So, does this mean a huge bill for the homeowner after 2 years from now? If so, based on current forecasts, we will still be in a recession and no guarantee homeowners will have a wad of cash to pay this interest, therefore Gov pays for them. If this is the case I want the government to provide a matched payment to every non-homeowner, why should renters be victimised???
  2. Std rated VAT (17.5%) is only chargeable on certain commercial properties <3yrs old (new builds). Residential Property is EXEMPT, without any option to tax. The VAT he has included is for anyone wishing to take on the property as a hotel and reclaim input VAT, which would be charged on the aspect of the property used in business wherby via partial exemption rules he can claim VAT on that portion.
  3. speculators made a £190million profit from HBOS shares in a frenzied two minutes of trading before the BBC man’s 9am report. In just two deals between 8.57pm and 8.58pm, buyers snapped up more than 20million HBOS shares at 96p each. His story sent the price rocketing to 215p in the space of an hour. Peston insisted his information was ‘tightly held’ and described the deals as ‘scary’. I'll bet he finds them scary, he may well find himself locked up for insider trading!
  4. Governments bank is the bank of england, therefore any borrowing comes from them. See attached for where the BOE gets it from: offreserves.pdf offreserves.pdf
  5. Hey, Can anyone direct me to those stats showin us debt compared to every other country? And also the change in bank reserves? Tryin to prove a point to some non-believers!!!!
  6. either you are smoking crack tonight or you have bought into big Boris' ******** i really hope it is the former! welcome to the (new) dark ages of the UK, its gonna be a tough time ahead...
  7. Honestly? Are you just fishing? I hope you are, otherwise you are a poor deluded soul. Scotland has produced some of the finest artists and poets this world has ever seen, fostered engineering talent thet drove the industrial revolution in Britain, developed some of the most influential economists to grace the 20th century, yet in the last 20 yrs we have found ourselves in the position where our resources (of all kinds) have been slowly stripped away and left this country a shell of what it used to be. Ok, we can blame Maggie, not England, but where did Maggie reside? Where was the power base? If we had someone in power that actually cared about the Scottish worker we would be in a different place altogether. "If they can bring themselves to do an ounce of work"??? Do you even have the faintest idea what horrible conditions generations of men had to endure to pull millions of tons of coal out of the ground in the central belt of Scotland? The risks they undertook? How many gave their lives, particularly of so many in Blantyre?? Show some respect, all that you have proved is that you are an imbecile.
  8. Thats very open-minded of yourself, classing us all under one stereotype. Your exactly the type of english c*** we love to hate
  9. To address Letsdance's original question, "why cut interest rates?" I think this rate cut has came at a time when rates would not normally be cut given the inflationary pressures in the economy. It appears the the BoE is neglecting long term price stability for a cut to appease the market. I think you were right to bet against a rate cut as the current situation would not normally encourage a cut, however as a result of the illiquidity crisis facing banks, the BoE is lookin to save the skin of the banks. Whether this drop in base rates has achieved their primary goal of price stability is highly questionable...
  10. Bloomberg reporting that markets expect a cut in UK IR.
  11. I predict a hold, after a close vote. A cut at this stage would be extremly foolish on the part of the MPC
  12. This is entirely untrue. Receivership has now been abolished and replaced with administration orders. A company does not need to attend court and lay its accounts at the whim of any individual. The only legal person other than directors, officers of the company, shareholders, and in some cases DTI, that can initiate an winding up is a floating charge holder, on a charge which was granted before the 15/9/03. In this case, and in this case only, a receiver would be called in to realize the amounts owed to the floating charge holder. Any remaining unsecured creditors will be dealt with by a liquidator. As part of this process a statement of affairs would be prepared by the directors alongside a statement of insolvency (i.e we are insolvent or we are not). It is worthwhile clarifying insolvency, if a company is in "absolute" insolvency (i.e. total amounts due to creditors exceeds the amounts due to the company), negative net assets will be the balance sheet situation. "Practical" insolvency involves the inability of a company to pay its debts as they fall due. A company can (and banks regularly do) continue to trade through absolute insolvency due to the nature of the business. Also, for the record companies do not go bankrupt, that term and is only reserved for personal insolvency in the UK.
  13. There you go again with your stealing ways, trying to claim that your culture and language is the same as oors! Please explain how Scotland is massively over represented politically in the UK Parliamentary system? Are you referring to the fact that there are x number of MPs who were born in Scotland and speak with an accent other than your own? Last time I checked we were still part of the UK and these MPs are British citizens with the right to be elected into the UK parliament, (thats UK, not English parliament). There is no "bitter resentment of another nation" it is resentment of typically English views like your own, that believe Scotland is "consumed with its own sense of inferiority"...I'm not even sure what this means...I am perfectly happy being Scottish and would only like its people to achieve the best they can. As for contribution of revenue, PRT and corp tax on the oil majors should help fill in the gaps. (its oor Oil!)
  14. No, because by the time basics become expensive he will be out of the limelight and running the government in the from the shadowy halls of the Kremlin while some puppet pretends to rule. Quite frankly we are more likely to see HPI continue indefinitely, than see Russians take to the streets en masse in a protest against the government. The Soviet days are returning, speak out and be quietly silenced. Just ask Miss Politkovskaya....
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