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  1. Last year, the National Institutes of Health – Anthony Fauci’s employer – doled out $30 billion in government grants to roughly 56,000 recipients. That largess of taxpayer money buys a lot of favor and clout within the scientific, research, and healthcare industries. However, in our breaking investigation, we found hundreds of millions of dollars in payments also flow the other way. These are royalty payments from third-party payers (think pharmaceutical companies) back to the NIH and individual NIH scientists. With all that money sloshing around, there's no temptation or influence on people, right? Luckily, the NIH are transparent. It’s been a struggle to get any useful information out of the agency on its royalty payments. NIH is acting like royalty payments are a state secret. (They’re not, or shouldn’t be!) https://openthebooks.substack.com/p/faucis-royalties-and-the-350-million?s=r
  2. A sober analysis of the conflict from Markus Reisner, Austria's top military strategist: The top strategist does not believe that the war in Ukraine could end anytime soon. According to him, Russia wants to take over the entire south in new battles in order to cut off Ukraine's important access to the sea. Finally, Markus Reisner draws a gloomy conclusion about the situation in Ukraine: "The bitter truth is: Putin can win the war." The Austrian put it more concretely: "Winning means that after this armed conflict Putin has substantially more of Ukraine than before." (from Google translate) https://www.blick.ch/ausland/top-stratege-warnt-davor-die-russische-armee-zu-unterschaetzen-die-bittere-wahrheit-ist-putin-kann-den-krieg-gewinnen-id17459588.html
  3. Wel this is not good. https://www.itv.com/news/2022-05-03/cognitive-loss-of-severe-covid-cases-equivalent-to-ageing-20-years-study-finds Had covid? Did you get the brain fog? Here's a suggestion: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/what-is-covid-19-brain-fog-and-how-can-you-clear-it-2021030822076
  4. Just spotted your response. I'd say there's more than one question. We Need to Know What Sars-Cov-2 Really IS To fight this virus, we need to know just what we are fighting. Where did this virus come from? How was it created? Why was it created? Who did it? What was the intent of its creators? Igor Chudov thinks questions have been purposefully deflected. So do I.
  5. Comrade Zugzwang has been relentlessly pro CCP for as long as I can recall. I assume he/she follows guidance from the CCP sources.
  6. We need answers and honesty https://igorchudov.substack.com/p/health-authorities-are-the-biggest?s=r
  7. I'm sure we could find reasons to take the mickey out of every country in the world if we wanted to. The assertion supported by amost everybody on this thread is that Russia's invasion of Ukraine is wrong. Your attempt to change the topic is a sign that you are floundering.
  8. Succinct. It's also notable that the "buffer zones" Casual-observer seems to be advocating for had nothing to do with starting the Iraq and Afghan conflicts. Perhaps Casual-observer doesn't care about that?
  9. Hmm. The link seem to work for me OK. Here it is for anybody interested: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8142859/pdf/main.pdf Dr McMillan should have put the links in the video description.
  10. I thought the small pox and measles vaccines were sterilising - unlike the sars-cov-2 vaccines which apparently cannot stop the virus. Vanden Bossche stated that a sterilising sars-cov-2 vaccine was one way out of the pandemic at the very beginning.
  11. My $0.02: The A10 has proven to be effective for CAS in environments where air superiority is good such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The SU-25 has ben used by Russia in Syria and in the recent Ukrainian conflict. Evidently, Russia thinks they still have some value. In a contested airspace against near-peer adverseries, these kind of aircraft would struggle to survive. So my answer to your question is a question: will future conflicts enjoy good air superiority? These old designs are only useful if you have some degree of air superiority.
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