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  1. My view is that this virus was designed to easily infect humans in what is known as gain-of-function research. I agree with your observations about the importance of weak immune systems which makes me wonder: is there such a thing as a method for evaluating immune system performance for an individual?
  2. I'm also getting the same message: https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2020/09/01/covid-tests "Juliet Morrison, a virologist at the University of California-Riverside, said she believes any test with a cycle threshold over 35 is too sensitive. "I'm shocked that people would think that 40 could represent a positive," she said." https://academic.oup.com/cid/advance-article/doi/10.1093/cid/ciaa619/5841456 "We propose that for inpatients whose symptoms have fully resolved and 2 tests over 24 hours apart are either negative or close to the Ct cutoff (ie, Ct >34), they lik
  3. It seems possible that Western nations have been playing around with virus 'gain of function' research for reasons that look questionable. Anybody who talks about this is ignored by most mainstream media. Here's an article back from May that discussed some of the problems with the 'PRRA' genome insert that does not appear to be natural: https://www.peakprosperity.com/coronavirus-are-our-scientists-lying-to-us/ Dr Martenson's question was reasonable: Where did that PRRA seqqunce come from? The only answer he received was abusive. Dr Li-Meng Yan's paper is far more detai
  4. Thanks. I think I went a bit too far downplaying potential issues taking too much zinc. Yes, we should all be getting our nutrients from healthy food but how do you know you have enough?
  5. The data appears to be significant. When you look at it from a risk / reward aspect, it's compelling: If it doesn't help, you've wasted a little money on pills but not done any harm (overdosing vitamin C, D3 or Zinc is not a thing unless, maybe, you take mental doses.) If it does help, you've dodged or reduced a nasty and potentially dangerous viral infection.
  6. I hope you will stay around. You have a quite abrasive style but that's OK with me. You answered my reasonable comments in a reasonable way.
  7. From the link: "The head of Reed, Britain’s largest recruitment firm, has predicted that up to five million people could be made redundant ..." OMFG. That's worse than anything I recall reading recently. Five million unemployed should create a huge crash. I'd prefer if I could wake up from the nightmare and it wasn't happening.
  8. +1 You'll have to wait until Christmas 2021 to get the whole picture. It's all about unemployment and we don't have the data yet.
  9. Are we talking about the long term? Without major changes to the UK tax system and/or demographics, property will tend to rise in the long term but I'm more interested in what will happen in 18 months. It won't but buying right now could be a bit painful. In a year or so, there might be some bargains for speculators but getting a mortgage may be difficult.
  10. This post is a day late. World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day was the 11th July. Today, I stumbled across this: https://www.bitchute.com/video/GzRbEMzr0k8/ If you or anybody you know are ever prescribed 'benzos' take the time to educate yoursef about the substantial potential dangers. I don't want to get into the controversy about Jordan Peteron's ideas but focus upon his hellish journey after becoming dependent upon benzodiazepine. It seems that there's not as much awareness of the dangers of this drug compared to, say, opiates. The video is quite long. Sections 37:50 till 38
  11. IMO it needs at least a year, probably two. I believe unemployment is (unfortunately) the key. If unemployment jumps after the end of the furlough and doesn't do a 'V' recovery, some households will face the choice of selling or being repossessed after approximately 18 months have passed. Not very nice but that's what we're looking at. I'd be fascinated to know what the lenders think. I say tighter lending criteria is a consequence of the anticipated effects of unemployment by the lenders. If I'm right, lending criteria will just constrict like a noose. Difficult times.
  12. Give it a year or two. Unemployment will be the key, unfortunately. We're not even out of furlough yet.
  13. To repossess, the lender would have to convince a judge to make a repossession order which seems very unlikely to me if the borrower has been keeping up the agreed payments. I don't think any judge would allow it, nomatter what negative equity. It would also be a potential PR nightmare for the lender. Lenders surely know that the UK housing market is going to be hammered in a year or two and would better off focussing on the coming defaults, not customers who honoured their contract.
  14. https://www.gov.scot/publications/vitamin-d-advice-for-all-age-groups/ I've been taking vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc for weeks now. Not sure if I could restock if everybody starting using supplements. First it was toilet paper. Next it will be supplements?
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