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  1. This guy would never have had a net worth of £500m. These media 'rich list' estimates are pure fiction, as this case demonstrates.
  2. Most people would eat at KFC or McDs based on which food they preferred or which they thought offered better value for money, not because their mate worked at one or the other. The fact you think that that would be the normal way to do business speaks volumes. Without realising it you're painting a very vivid picture of a corrupt system were deals are done between close buddies on the 18th hole. Hardly sounds like the cut and thrust of free market competition that we're told drives the City, does it?
  3. So basically the argument is that those in finanical difficulties should subsidise the banking services of the financially solvent, because if you fail to manage your bank account correctly you're obviously feckless and incompetent and deserved to be put into further hardship, whereas if you avoid bank charges you're obviously a decent, upstanding person and therefore you deserve to have somone else pay for your services. I think that wonderful sense of entitlement says a lot about the f*cked up state of this country....
  4. Why are they dressed as Supergran and Al Murray?
  5. The 'third way' was just a rather superficial piece of rhoteric that was used by Labour from the mind-90s onwards to try to make it seem as though it was possible to stick to existing Conservative spending plans (as they promised to do in the run up to the '97 election) and pursue a traditional left wing social agenda at the same time.
  6. I don't want to sound clever after the fact, but in future if you have a dispute like this don't just send an e-mail and expect that to suffice. Speak to someone directly either over the phone or in person, keep a record of who they are and what was said and follow up in writing by recorded delivery, and keep doing this until they take notice. An e-mail can be made to vanish with a single click of the delete button at which point it's difficult for you to prove they ever recieved it.
  7. Erm, you mean boomer, as in baby boomer, as in the post-war baby boom? Someone born in '47 is very much part of that generation.
  8. That's my point. If these kind of contracts prove to be effectively unenforceable then no builder will sell off-plan without the buyer having cast iron finance already in place. The problem with the 'flippers' is that not only did they not have finance, but they never intend to get finance as they planned to 'flip' the property before completion.
  9. Much as I would like to see these greedy speculators forced to pay up, I suspect that it would be better all round if these contracts were found to be unenforcable in practical terms, as it would kill dead the whole practice of flipping properties off-plan and remove a whole layer of speculation from the new-build market.
  10. You confuse capitalism with trade. Trade has almost certainly existed for almost as long as life itself. The capitalist economic system has existed for a few centuries tops. Capitalism is a modern innovation, and no more mirrors human nature than feudalism or any of the economic systems that came before that mirrored human nature.
  11. Basically, 'modernisation' is code for preparing for privitisation. The Government is fairly open about the fact that it wants to eventually privatise the Royal Mail. The management know this and know that there future career advancement rests on them pleasing their political masters, and have tried to push through changes that will make the Royal Mail more suitable for the privatisation, against the wishes of the unions. As with almost all strike situations this has devolved into a d*ck-waving contest with the management trying to prove that when they say jump the employees' correct response is to ask how high, and the unions determined to prove that nothing happens on the shopfloor without their say so.
  12. You realise what a f*cked up country this is when you discover how many people consider family life as an inconvenient impediment to optimal work productivity and economic efficiency. Why don't these feckless mothers get their priorities the right way around and stop wasting time on their kids when they could be maximising income for the plastics factory. Won't somebody think of the profit margins!?
  13. So basically if I turn up at A&E with my arm hanging off and you turn up with a sprained wrist and a wad of fifties you get seen first? Tosser...
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