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  1. UK low grade mortgage providers Southern Pacific Mortgage Limited (SPML) Preferred Mortgages Limited (PML) London Mortgage Company (LMC)
  2. These guys are currently processing ~4 mortgages a day..... down from 100's/day last year. (from the horses mouth btw)
  3. Are you making offers on properties at the moment? If you aren't you have no idea what has happened to price in the past few weeks/months. Buyers are low-balling bigtime from what I hear.
  4. hmmmm you might be in the money already!
  5. BBC are re-writing as we speak!!! Compare that to a quality news provider like Reuters who had a story prepared... http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsArticl...RITAIN-BANK.xml
  6. now changed to "Rates decision 'finely balanced'" http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/5240770.stm
  7. why is it that people only see rises in a rising market, and falls in a falling market?
  8. Its definitely nearing a bottom, it it hasn't already found it.
  9. Really? I can.. Early 90's 3 Bed Terrace. About 35K. Mum & Dad combined salary = 16K. Both factory workers. Now: Same 3 Bed terraced is 'worth' about 100K. Current combined salary of a couple working in same factories would be about £25K. I know because my Mum only just retired after working the same job for close to 30 years. Nice
  10. NYSE imposes trading collars amid broad sell-off http://today.reuters.com/investing/MarketR...TE-8-URGENT.XML NEW YORK, May 17 (Reuters) - The New York Stock Exchange imposed arbitrage trading collars on Wednesday as the sell-off in U.S. stocks picked up speed after a government report that stoked concerns of quickening inflation at the consumer level. The New York Stock Exchange Composite Index <.NYA> was down 160.35 points at 11:47 a.m. (1547 GMT). Earlier the index had fallen by 173.97 points. The NYSE imposes limits on index-arbitrage sell orders on the Standard & Poor's 500 index <.SPX> when the NYSE Composite falls more than 160 points in a session. The collar will stay in place until the NYSE Composite recovers to within 80 points of the previous day's close, according to the NYSE Web site.
  11. $723 and counting. The word 'ballistic' comes to mind.
  12. right back! I posted this as a reminder that investing in gold brings with it some ethical questions.
  13. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/4760707.stm Gold mining 'hits' poor countries Gold mining carries social and environmental costs for many developing countries, a British aid agency has warned in a new campaign. Cafod says most gold mining takes place in developing states, where it pollutes water, displaces poor communities and damages traditional livelihoods. The warning comes amid rising costs of gold, most of which goes for jewellery. Cafod wants mining companies and jewellery retailers to sign a set of standards so gold is mined responsibly. But some aid agencies such as Oxfam support the sale of gold reserves to finance debt relief. A report last year by the World Gold Council found that the industry brought "substantial improvement" in social and financial infrastructure. Most mining companies tried to take on local workers and source supplies locally, while royalty and tax revenues from the business contributed to government coffers, the WGC said. 'Dirty' industry Buyers should be made more aware of the impact of a taste for gold, Cafod - a Roman Catholic charity - said in a report published on Wednesday. "Gold mining is one of the world's dirtiest industries," the report said. "Gold is a symbol of wealth and power," but "for many developing countries, the discovery... has led to little but poverty and hardship," it said. Mining can generate revenue and create jobs, but it can also "cause lasting damage to communities and to the environment", Cafod argued. Gold mining has also been closely linked to conflict, the charity noted - "whether as a result of fighting over the control of precious natural resources or divisions within communities affected by mining". Toxic process About three-quarters of the world's known gold has already been mined, and Cafod argues there will be costs for those living above the remaining quarter. After moving the people, open-cast gold mining involves pouring cyanide solutions onto large areas of countryside. It draws gold out of the rocks but also brings out toxic substances including arsenic. The process uses huge quantities of water and can contaminate the water table for other users. In poor countries like Honduras and Central America or Congo in Central Africa, Cafod says local people who live on the land have been moved out and poisoned by polluted water from the mines.
  14. OK, so many of us on here spend quite a lot of time cursing various parties for their influence on HPI, but who is really to blame? (if anyone) The Government? The Banks? The Estate Agents? The Media? The global western cheap supply of (fiat) money? Greedy Joe Public (vendors, amateur BTL's etc..) Dodgy professional Landlords? Anyone else?
  15. Bid = price you get if you are selling Offer = price you get if you are buying. The Help/FAQ link at the top of the Squargain site is pretty good
  16. IShares in those markets are available though my broker - Squaregain
  17. Folks, What are you opinions on Far Eastern markets at the moment? I see that many are calling an end to the recent global equity run, and am wondering whether this includes these markets.. Reason I ask is because I've just bought my first shares ISA... I know - buying at the top etc... but the reason for doing it is I want to have a vested interest in the markets so that I pay attention more. I've opted for the following: £1000 IShares Korea £500 IShares Japan £500 IShares Taiwan £500 IShares FTSE/Xinhua £500 IShares Brazil (also £1000 JP Morgan Natural resources fund) I am particularly interested in opinions on the above indexes, but generally looking to understand the future direction of these markets. I'm currently 85% Cash, and 15% Shares (above). I plan to use my £7K ISA allowance next year (£3K will be cash), but will wait for the right time... Thanks in advance
  18. closed above 6000 again...
  19. Glad to see someones made that connection without having to be told... I keep telling older folk how hard it is for University go'ers these days. These kids walk blindly into debt without a second thought. Yes parents are expected to help, but many don't or CAN'T. I'm not against Tuition fees because I don't really see an alternative, and the hard up do get grants etc... But the current generation are the first to have to deal with this level of student debt, and along with that there is the double whammy of unaffordable housing at the end of it. It's shocking... and the future is bleaker.
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