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  1. The problem with stockpiling stuff in a city is that if the SHTF people will take it off you at gunpoint maybe, you need a vehicle fuelled up and ready to go somewhere safer. I saw a documentary recently where the guy who originally coded the thumbs up/down icon for facebook was it? now lives in a wooded piece of land with a water supply, a long easy to observe sloped approach to his property on one side and cliffs on the other in Oregon, and he is also heavily tooled up with assault rifles etc. His mental health has obviously slipped a bit, but he said that in his opinion the influence of social media is breaking down the political machine`s ability to run things and when it kicks off in the U.S it will just be a massive gunfight with no knives, he also regrets creating the famous icon because it is "dopamine for lab rats" and basically just f*ucks people up if they spend long enough obsessing about it.
  2. They can`t pull the trigger and make it happen, that loses too many votes, but hopefully an "event" in China/Global credit markets etc. will dot he job for them, and then they will ride the "housing never been more affordable" horse like a drunken rodeo star.
  3. It is the fact that they won the election that is keeping them in power, we have not had another election yet? They are only in power because Labour couldn`t just get it together to say that the Brexit vote won and had to be upheld. Boris would have jumped on the "2nd Ref" horse if he thought that was going to win, he blagged his way in and just has to waffle his way to the next election, nobody seriously expects him to have any real answers do they FFS? The ONLY answer is that the public wake up, stop borrowing so much, switch off the telly and stop playing the game, everything else is just noise, maybe the planet is going to intervene anyway and put the brakes on for us?
  4. My original quote was that people just expect "profit" from property, they don`t contemplate an alternative in many cases IMO, if they did transactions would drop significantly, many also don`t process that unless they are downsizing they are not making anything, what you are waffling on about though I have no idea.
  5. I said they bought something other than a money making machine, not that they bought something other than a property, we know they bought a property, many of them probably thought it was also going to be an ATM though, but in the case of the fire safety mess for example it will be a lifelong money pit for a lot of people.
  6. If they bought recently they expected something that would go up in price or at least break even, if rates rise that won`t happen, and many will be trapped, even if they don`t get caught in the fire-safety nightmare.
  7. If interest rates rise they have not bought what they thought they did, or do you disagree with this?
  8. Not yet, but as you know these things can turn very quickly, and many more ordinary punters are exposed unlike similar "emergencies" of the past....................(drum roll and BJ the clown pops out of a cake to an empty room, like Erika Eleniak in "Under Siege")
  9. KS is looking quite capable now, he could win if he gets some clear policy across, unfortunately the main one we need, bursting the property bubble, would piss off far too many to be a vote winner. Let`s hope China and the global credit markets can do the heavy lifting of f*ucking up the low rate debt monster for them instead?
  10. Trader on Bloomberg today saying that Sterling is now behaving like "an emerging market currency" LOL, I would love them to lose control of the debt rocket on BJ`s watch, that would be f*cking sublime LOL
  11. Maybe, but many will have bought relatively recently if they have bought at all, and that is going to hurt very badly if rates spike, very badly indeed, especially if they bought an executive chicken coop in London with cladding/leasehold or other regulatory issues.
  12. If he had accepted democracy and backed the Brexit vote he would be PM now.
  13. There will be many many p*issed off people when that happens, people who are in their early 30`s now will only understand low and falling rates, and will have made their debt decisions based on those types of rates, that is frankly terrifying IMO. (especially for them, LOL)
  14. The inflation is not going to stick IMO, already there are concerns that far too much stimulus is being done.. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/sep/28/democrats-biden-infrastructure-reconciliation-vote-house Global credit markets will eventually decide mortgage rates though, not the BOE.
  15. Layers - there are large numbers of humans at all economic levels of society, sometimes just as smart and just as heavily armed that won`t necessarily do what other humans, governments, sovereign states or whatever want. Think Northern Ireland, U.S government V heavily armed population, Factory owners V unionised workers, EU Claptrap V Brexit Freedom Vote etc. etc.
  16. You said humans could be replaced with AI that does economic transactions? Who was going to replace them if not "elites", aliens?
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