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  1. Touche`! I don`t agree of course, there were millions of voters who wanted a truly sovereign nation regardless of talk about quotas and economics and money for the NHS etc. they knew that a truly sovereign nation would be able to make favourable trading agreements down the line.
  2. Yes, I think the media might start being more critical, and it will just take something like ER nurses or other key workers leaving because of this threat and being vocal on social media to make his position very uncomfortable.
  3. Shouldn`t be too difficult to undermine him, he only got in because Labour couldn`t stomach real democracy.
  4. His comments yesterday are the start of his downward spiral IMO.
  5. He shot the Sheriff now he is getting a taste of his own medicine, he didn`t feel so Wonderful after his misplaced Blind Faith.
  6. Obviously you need it written in full to pick up the major points, which have been discussed by me and others on this thread over and over again...... 1) I`m concluding ( as you agree for point 2 ) that people had their heads filled with sh*ite from the media about how effective the vaccines would be, they have then gone for jabs and started going about their lives as they did before the pandemic, and then caught the virus due to the vaccine not being able to stop you getting the virus, and how much it protects you from getting very ill being very debateable and very variable from person to person (better to have just continued with sensible precautions, meeting outside etc. for the time being IMO) What evidence for the vaccine reducing spread do the studies you read give? I think Lockdown = Reducing cases and No Lockdown = Spiking cases is quite compelling myself.
  7. The "God" tag is a bit OTT though.............only one rock guitarist genuinely deserves that honour IMO
  8. Clapton video gets good towards the end, seems at 76 he has finally managed to kick the worst drug of them all.......TV, sometimes know as the Idiot Lantern or the Idiot Box, he also calls out the "celebrities" who are spouting a load of p*ish about Covid and the vaccines.........."To see ethnic minority celebrities guilt tripping their own communities broke my f*ucking heart".
  9. As I have said before, EVERYBODY I have talked to recently who has had it was double jabbed, one person had it bad for five weeks. I am very sceptical about the benefit of vaccines over behaviour, as you have probably gathered. Bloomberg was trumpeting a study in S.A that said one of the vaccines "had been shown to make contracting Covid 50% less likely in recent trials", the study group though was Healthcare workers, who are likely to wear PPE at work and be conscious of their Covid risk behaviour outside work, more conscious than the average moron who got double jabbed so they could fly to Spain to get pissed on a beach?
  10. "Expert" on Bloomberg today saying "The unvaccinated are spreading it", not the vaccinated thinking they are superhuman now and taking more risks, not because nightclubs are open, Nah, couldn`t be anything to do with that...LOL..must be the "Unvaccinated are spreading it" because that fits the daft narrative that the MSM have painted themselves into a corner with, no wonder more and more thinking people are just ignoring the dross they spout?
  11. The word "crash" on a site about a house price crash is likely to turn up quite a few hits I`m sure, the point is that you confuse a place for people to rant and vent their views on the broken financial system with a place where people expect their posts to be treated as "advice", it has always been acknowledged on here that the wider population are definitely not browsing or paying much attention to the mechanics of the property/debt bubble.
  12. True, but there are a lot more people saying the central banks need to get out of the mortgage market now. https://www.axios.com/home-federal-reserve-mortgage-securities-ae25fb1c-9677-41c1-9d6c-10473797dd2f.html
  13. LOL, maybe you can track some stranger on the internet`s 20 year posting history on your phone while waiting for a drink at the bar? Didn`t you also do similar nonsense on MSE? You will probably find that although you think you are proving a point most people really don`t care what was posted years ago, as was pointed out to you by another poster there has been MASSIVE intervention to keep house prices at this level, anyone not acknowledging that this nonsense isn`t going to end well is deluded IMO.
  14. The deflation is real, the inflation is the bankers/pet media puppets wet dream. They won`t get 70`s style inflation IMO without across the board wage rises, big wage rises, and people being prepared to go out and spend that money drunken gambler style, both scenarios are doubtful IMO. Core commodities might spike and cause inflation for a while, energy bills are already rising, and Covid may cause supply chain issues/inflation but it won`t take hold IMO and people will just cut back their discretionary spending anyway (without serious wage rises) damaging other areas of the economy. The HP Inflation part is relatively easy, you just get all the banks lending like mad on property and influence positive/greedy sentiment towards property ( a basic desire for most people and easy to add the emotional charge of "missing out" via constant ramping by banker sponsored media) until it is at mania levels, influencing inflation in the wider economy is harder, many thousands of companies independent of the bankers would need to raise wages and many millions of punters would need to be prepared to actually spend money they have earned ( not just sign up for nearly free mortgage money) instead of saving it for when the next Covid style event threatens their job, much much harder for the CB`s IMO hence over a decade of mad printing/rate cutting to protect a debt bubble and stave off deflation with the result that house prices are crazy and they can`t get wider inflation going. Biden`s spending plans are being challenged because they are bonkers! He can`t remember the big number he said yesterday so he just says a bigger one the next day to look like has some kind of clue and economic plan. Seriously, if they want proper inflation they need to crash the housing market and do some kind of basic income payment or mandate higher minimum wages or something, THEN they might have a chance IMO. China isn`t going to play nice, expect lots of credit market volatility going forward IMO. As I posted in a recent link the Big Short guy thinks there is now enough printed cash sloshing around to cause serious persistent inflation, a Blackrock guy on Bloomberg thinks printing money "isn`t really having any effect any more", and an ex-federal reserve guy on Bloomberg thinks that the recent US jobs numbers mean that the more optimistic hopes for inflation are "now in doubt"..............so as you say.....who really knows?
  15. That nails it exactly, the notion of a "crash" in house prices has moved (some time ago) to the possibility of a systemic collapse of some kind, and the more they do printy printy the more that becomes likely IMO.
  16. Fund manager today on Bloomberg saying that throwing money into the system is no longer "doing anything", people on here already knew that though?
  17. That you can`t count is also a red flag...LOL.
  18. You have fallen for the banker hype of the biggest deflationary bust in history having nowhere to go but into the biggest inflationary boom in history! The economy was in trouble before Covid, they may have printed a year or so`s worth of inflation but they have fixed none of the structural issues in the system, being attached to large mortgage debt is the last place you want to be if things break down. China seems to be heading in their own direction now, look there IMO for the next credit market crisis.
  19. This guy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Paulson today on Bloomberg saying that this time the printed money HAS hit the money supply, where in 2008 I think he said it didn`t, not in a meaningful way anyway, so expect inflation. He also said that buying a house was in his opinion the best investment an "average person" could make and went on to recommend that someone with 100k should leverage up to a million pound house! Do you think he is planning "2008 The Sequel?"
  20. Someone with 200k in their pocket is way ahead of the average person who thinks they are "middle class", most of that group are relying on debt and the housing bubble staying intact for their status and lifestyle IMO. There will be plenty of people who know how to milk the benefits system with far more cash flow than some "middle class" couple eating beans to pay the big mortgage.
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