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  1. I think he means buy undervalued companies when they are cheap. Cheap because general sentiment has hammered the share price. Just because stocks take a beating does not mean stocks will not recover in the future, but the skills needed to pick the winners are probably possesed by only a tiny percentage of investors. I suppose in a finite world we could run out of things to trade, therfore no world markets? In this case buying into a declining market would just lose you all your money, but by that time you would have other concerns. This is not going to happen in our lifetime, so I think there will be companies worth buying if you can work out their future value, although markets of the future (20, 30 years from now) may deal more in sustainable resources?
  2. FTB`s don`t choose what to do, the banks choose for them, if the multiples are still available the party will continue, if not house prices are going back in time ten years. The sheeple don`t make a stand they just compete against other sheeple to be the most like a "celebrity".
  3. I agree the market has already crashed, and sellers are not going to face the terrible terrible reality, but FTB`s and any buyers without the cash to buy are waiting for the banks to tell them how much they will be spending, it`s not their decision, they will start buying when allowed to. Any seller with a functioning brain must have picked up that mortgage credit is being tightened and that the majority of buyers will no longer be funded for silly prices? So they must know where things will end up? The question is are we going back to the traditional multiples or what? And how long will it take for the nation to just accept that it is over, the way an aggressive drunk realises it is over when two or three burly police throw him in the back of a van. They can stamp and shout all they want, but they are going down!
  4. Better out now than hassle later on. If the staff are getting rude, then they probably know something we don`t.
  5. Doesn`t this give the sheeple the green light to start defaulting on all their unsecured loans though?
  6. if the sheeple can`t get anyone to give them a carry out, they can`t GO to the party though.
  7. Will they be bailed out like NR do you think? Or just let go, into administration?
  8. A primary school child could work all this stuff out though, and the article is recyled from a few months ago, they often just change the titles. MSN`s only aim, is to keep you confused, and in a mental state that makes you suceptible to advertising. Putting financial "advice" alongside the sheeple celeb fest that is MSN is a sick joke.
  9. Ha Ha. I`m not going to make any other comment because I have never been to Skye.
  10. And for this reason we can`t really blame people from London and other cities for wanting to buy second homes can we? In this global world people want access to everything now. They want to visit half a dozen world cities a year, by plane, cheaply, they want everything that London offers but they want a bolthole in the Highlands to neck a bottle of whisky and soak up the remoteness. I can`t blame people for that , but this housing madness needs to stop, a home should not be the source of lifelong financial worry and strife, a second home should not embitter and exclude a local population from affordable housing. The coming crash is going to solve soe problems, give the banks a wake up call, but bring economic misery which I hope we can ride out . ( I`ll stop before I sound like one of big Gordon`s speech writers)
  11. How has this recent housing boom (lunacy) changed the Isle of Skye?
  12. Yeah I think you are right. Talking of the good life though, years ago when I lived in Glasgow someone told me about friends of theirs who moved from Glasgow to one of the Western Isles, maybe Lewis, with young children, after really wanting it for a long time, and they just could not handle the change in lifestyle, they were back in under a year and it really upset them because the great escape just wasn`t what they expected. A manager I had recently here in Edinburgh had moved from London to the Highlands years ago, probably before masses of people were buying 2nd homes etc, and he just could not live anywhere else. He lasted about 2 years in Edinburgh, living well outside the city before he was off back up to the Highlands. I personally like to have bars, shops etc right on the doorstep, although I don`t necessarily think modern urban living is going in the right direction. Well it`s going nowhere really.
  13. Why not just wait until the crash happens and the dust settles then you could be Laird of all The Highlands for next to nothing. There will be nobody up there except a bunch of depressed locals drinking themselves to death.
  14. Tenement flats in the good bits of Glasgow and Edinburgh will go back to under £50,000. A "remote highland cottage" should be ten grand for f*cks sake, you could build your own out of old bits of s*ite lying around. The average punter in Scotland , or indeed in the UK is not earning enough to suspend reality any longer. If the banks won`t lend ,houses are going to have to drop quickly or the market is just going to stop (maybe not a bad thing). People have so much at stake if they have bought into the pipe dream that they just cannot accept that they will take losses, and it will be serious losses. They will have to take a hit at some point, but it going to be very painfull for a lot of folks.
  15. It`s like when people make the extra effort to turn out for a team that might be relegated. It`s already too late, the sheeple know they are about to lose their houses and all their bling, and they think that by swamping the high st. things will somehow continue the same.They won`t, there are too many factors dooming the way we live today, we must all change and change now. In the future (if there is one) people will say "Mummy, did people really used to drive to work in a big chunk of metal everyday, on their own, growling, grimacing, and honking their horn at other people doing the same? What stupid, greedy, self-centered w*nkers they must have been Mummy"
  16. People would need to have their head insulated in concrete not to twig something is afoot now. HSBC losing sixteen billion, more to come ,NR bank run, houses reported as losing money every month, people not getting any interest who thought they would be scheduling time slots for viewers! I just can`t believe the stuff I am reading on here and in the media. There is a lady at work who will clear her mortgage in a couple of months, and is desperate to buy another place to live in, and rent out the original property. I told her straight tonight that the worst case outcome could be, buy another house at £100,000, watch it drop to £60,000, have £40,000 NE, and get no tenants for the other place just to top things off. I told her to wait, and refered her to this site. She looked stunned, and I know she definitely absorbed the point.
  17. Juicy stuff. I`m starting to build a stock of baked beans now. Sixteen billion in LOSSES is a difficult one for a newscaster to just trip off their tongue and then link to another item! The sheeple will get a start. I think people are going to start pooping themselves very soon. Even the spin about still making profit doesn`t cut it after someone has said LOST Sixteen Billion, are you sure it is Billion? Oh my f*cking God!
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