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  1. Get real please. Do you see anyone in the dock over Iraq yet? They hung the boogeyman, that says it all. The new boogeyman is MORTGAGE FRAUD , the first two names out of the hat, two businessmen who don`t sound like they originated in the Home Counties, well well, all these shady b*stards in Nottingham,Leeds, and Leicster responsible for pumping the housing market tut tut. The people responsible are the regulators and the government who have allowed big finance to run unchecked for years , and the thick as F*ck sheeple who thought it was okay to keep buying when houses went to ten times salary! No one , I repeat NO ONE of any real concern to the establishment will be in the dock. The establishment will welcome the new boogeyman MORTGAGE FRAUD with open arms because it takes the heat off them.
  2. Come on guys, do you really think Darling doesn`t know what is going on, of course he does. His job is to guide and contain the sheeple, and for this reason an acknowledgement that things are not well with housing seems to be appropriate. He hopes the sheeple will just hear the words "when housing comes back" and go back to what they were doing. He can`t get up there and start shouting run run sell sell it`s all over ,it`s all over can he?
  3. There must already be distressed selling going on , maybe only city centre newbuilds so far? I think the fraud angle is going to be pushed in the media and certainly by the government as a way to say "there has been fraudulent turbulence" and that is the reason you can only in your wildest dreams expect to get £100,000 max for your house now. There will be stories about MP`s losing money on a house (probably their 3rd one fully bought by the taxpayer, but the sheeple won`t notice). The fact that it all seems to be still hanging together, or really that people just won`t knock down their price yet, is that housing over the last ten years has been the biggest windfall ordinary punters have ever had in this country. The idea that it is over will certainly not be taken up easily by the masses, we will need headlines saying "Get out now" "Houses crash 15%" etc etc. A big discussion over liar loans in the media would help crash sentiment, but also opens the compensation floodgates. You can see Brown and co`s rationale though. If they had let NR go, and another bank reported it was in trouble, you would have had a repeat panic, and the housing market would be looking a lot more shaky.They have done all they can for now. I would not bet my mortgage on it all ending well.
  4. Crash Gordon is a d*ck, and coldplay are just about morose enought to play him out.What music did the media choose to play Thatcher out on, I forget.
  5. I agree. So how long until the big chunky drops, 10%. 15% etc? The sellers are stuck in suspended animation, they don`t want this to be over. Can we have something, government legislation maybe, to ensure that it is over , and that housing price drops start occuring soon?
  6. Music today is b*llocks, and teenage energy ,which keith richards says you have to nurture carefully if you want to keep on playing rock and roll into your forties and beyond, became extinct around 1990 (too many computers and self enhancing drugs?) Ritchie Blackmore (he is about 62) still has more rock and roll energy than the entire UK music industry. So my argument is that the energies that made uk one hell of a creative place over the last 50 years have either disappeared, or been transfered somewhere else? Another dimension perhaps?
  7. I think the sheeple who are leaving comments in various places are just the ones reading this site.The problem is, just over ten years ago, flats and houses were a third of the price they are now.It`s got nothing to do with foreign billionaires for the most part, just cheap and easy credit and sheeple who will believe any S*it they are told, and who have short memories.But tell me though, when did any generation go back ten years in their thinking and lifestyle? So, how is all this going to end, are the wild and spikey haired children of today going back to the (with hindsight) simpler and gentler times of the 80`s?
  8. Do you have some vested interest in the "stuff in the middle" by any chance? Seriously though, I`ll have a six bed house with a pool and a maid, and an additional couple of maids in uniform to come in and clean every day, if I can rent it for say £800 per month? There will always be demand to live in the best possible environment, but it comes down to who`s money you are using to buy into this environment. At the moment (or up until recently) if it is the banks money then most people in this country have used to buy "lifestyle", and they are well and truly not going to get any more money for a while,so, "lifestyle" will have to get cheaper, there is no other alternative. The "snowed under with unlet stuff" as far as one bed flats go, makes a mockery of the supply and demand c*ap doesn`t it? ( at least in your area) * I suppose what I am simply trying to say is, take away the cheap and easy mad multiples of credit, and houses just have to get cheaper if people want to sell them to each other?
  9. Totally agree. Once the silliness subsides, whats the rush? Homes will be affordable, there will be no irrational ideas about some sort of ladder being pulled up into the sky, with the unlucky ones getting left behind to the mercy of bands of roving chavs or something. There will just be housing priced towards what the majority can afford to pay without borrowing(too much).
  10. Oh, and Gordo slides down the deck into the gaping bloodied maw.
  11. I want there to be a catastrophic loss or mix up concerning customers data where accounts just disappear or money goes to the wrong accounts, causing the sheeple to jump the counters to get their money back, and I want NR to be ripped apart by defaults when the recession starts to bite. Much in the same way that the great white rips apart the boat in Jaws. When these things happen there will be no more babble from Gordon and co. Their will just be a new paradigm, and the leaders able to deal with it will take control.
  12. Brown escapes writes his memoirs makes a f*ckload of money sheeple left with their shiny fleeces all covered in s*ite?
  13. It`s the sheeple I`m irate with.If people would just wake up, the likes of Mrs Cooper would be out on their a*se within a day.
  14. Uk banks investing in and encouraging customers to invest in products which have been made up from Us sub-prime loans cause a direct loss of money to Uk banks and customers meaning less money to lend and spend on houses?
  15. Would have to be some extension. I think on the way down people just look at area, overall size of the house, proximity to neighbours, and proximity to problems, pubs, clubs etc, and in a down spiral buyers are just going to hang on and on, they have nothing to lose. What would have seemed a good buy on the way up to secure a place on the ladder will seem totaly different on the way down, every little problem and bad point will be noticed until the price reduces to a level that is realistic.I would say that the time to get out of property is already passed by a good few months, what happens next is not going to be pleasant for people who bought in recently.
  16. Yes, the 250,000 price tag seems to apply to a lot of just average sh*tholes. The suspension of reality has been enormous in this boom, and thats why I think it will all evaporate very quickly. People will be forced to accept the new paradigm soon because all they are hearing is Crash, slump, credit crunch etc.Deep inside many people know they cannot get these prices for their house, and should never of bought it. This is different to past crashes when a decent house was considered, by a broad spectrum of opinion, to be fair value at maybe four times your salary, but causes like unemployment just forced people to eventually let go after a struggle. In a casino environment you just have to accept that the chips are not in your favour and leave the building.
  17. will smaller estate agents survive a year though if they don`t get the market moving soon?
  18. The problem is that we have evolved INTO a society that is obsessed by how "celebs" live, and little else. People disrespect themselves so much they will spend time and money on trying to be like someone else.How we lived in the distant past is wide open to conjecture and debate, the few axe heads that are still lying around paint only a very faint picture of how people lived in the past. The rest is created by drunken academics. There is absolutely no need in this complex society to trust tradesmen, financial planners, doctors, or least of all people running property seminars. Basic car and home maintenence can be learned, and the competition which arises in a complex society means that rip off tradsemen do not have to be trusted more than once(doing your own research should ensure you never employ a duff tradesman) I have not been near a doctor in decades, and think that the beliefs you hold about your own health are the determining factor in how well or ill you will be. All you need to know about investment or property can be learned from the internet or the library.There is no excuse to put important decisions about your self and your life into the hands of others
  19. If NR`s business practice were the only problem, then the government could get off with this. General credit tightening will cause mass defaults on loans.The present generation of young mortgage holders won`t hold onto a property that is losing money, and they will not be shy to tell a mortgage bank or two to F*ck off and go back to parents/mates/sharing. The amounts of money borrowed recently will make it psychologically impossible for the average human to face up to actually paying the money back without the asset price forever reaching skyward. NR will be shreded apart by defaults. Cue more rambling from Brown/darling, Cue mass outpouring of nations suppressed neighbour competing, footballers wives watching weirdness, cue end of NuLabour.The shepherd cannot punish all the sheep if he wants sheep to remain in the pen.There will be defaults aplenty, there will be wiping away of loans, otherwise the financial system will not be able to achieve profit.This is not the 70`s or 80`s, this is different.
  20. She is just doing her job, playing the politics game, not very well, but she is not a seasoned pro yet is she? NuLabour are finished, the fact that they have to keep trotting out the "supply and demand" line is very telling. Imagine the average sheep looking out of their flat window at all the for sale signs, the same ones that have been up for months, and months, and months, and thinking to themselves "demand outstrips supply?" then gazing out again, cup of coffee in hand, "demand outstrips supply?" What do you think is now defining the reality of the nation, events on the ground, or Y Cooper?
  21. I agree. Although I said on another thread that one Panorama programme won`t drop the housing market, in the same way that one Panorama programme won`t halt youth crime or abuse in old folks homes, a concerted barrage of negative media with words like "Unsold homes swamp property market". The chilling,creeping, fear inducing words being "Unsold" and "Swamp", WILL crash the housing market. Good stuff.
  22. No. If your emotional reference towards shares is similar to that of having a post office savings account, you should not buy shares. Take your losses and go away. Read a book about Warren B or something.
  23. But as discussed on the other NR thread, doesn`t the fact that they are government backed, and now under intense media and opposition scrutiny (esp. from Lib Dems) make it harder to get involved in dodgy sub-prime style lending? Won`t they now have to keep their head down and watch their ass?
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