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  1. This is getting discussed on Bloomberg, and there are ides about 20% stock market drops being thrown about (with various triggers, not just the China debt bubble )
  2. The person seems to have got it for a 25k discount and convinced themselves that the Covid/Brexit fallout was "priced in" at that level.
  3. https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6290656/struggling-to-sell-london-flat#latest
  4. Yes, the horse has already been eaten and is half way round the U-Bend, these guys are a laugh if nothing else.
  5. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/pas9980-when-you-thought-things-couldnt-get-any-worse-evans-fimeche
  6. And of course no woman likes to be spanked...ever....not even a little spank.......
  7. And the many centuries before that....? And of course the U.S built itself with a Native American medicine stick...........
  8. I think that many of the Leave arguments are sound but they will need good will from the other side, and that won`t happen until the old dinosaurs that got their faces slapped by the UK vote have left the stage, my reasons for voting Leave were to see the EU weakened and to hopefully have a massive credit crisis, unfortunately only the first one happened.
  9. That is like saying that when they were making the "Common Market" type deals back in the 70`s there was no way things could develop or change any further from there? I think they changed for the worse - Too much EU, you obviously disagree, but to say that different and probably better deals can`t be made in the future seems pretty short-sighted and negative to me.
  10. The reasoning was that getting things done would become a nightmare, at least with this system things get done (Brexit) whether or not everybody is on the same page and holding hands in their Rainbow jumpers?
  11. So saying that this is the start of a journey for the UK is saying it is someone else`s fault?? LOL.
  12. The countries that most need their own currency so they can f*uck about with it like the big boys at the BOE can`t have it, because they are locked into the Euro!
  13. Last I checked I couldn`t vote Mrs Merkel or Jean Claude out of office? At least the rich will have to contemplate wage rises now if the FOM donkey is broken?
  14. I said it was the "route", that implies the start of a journey, what has gone wrong is that there are too many people who have become brainwashed into thinking that they can`t take a pee without the EU`s say so.
  15. They get their mandate, or otherwise at the next election.
  16. You missed out number 3) Where I say that we have free speech. My point was that you can`t bleat about how great our democracy is then try to overturn it when the vote doesn`t go your way, as many Remain voters wanted to do. The high water-mark for "weird/angry" was the shameful nonsense that went on after the referendum, LOL.
  17. The rules of Democracy are; 1) If you didn`t vote...STFU when the outcome you think you wanted doesn`t happen. 2) If you did vote STFU when the outcome you voted for doesn`t happen. 3) If you don`t like it, go and campaign for a different/better system.
  18. Ah, but you are moving the goal posts again, that is how democracy works, there are always going to be large numbers who don`t get what they want, if you have a better system I`m happy to hear about it? The difference with Brexit was that those who didn`t get what they wanted not only threw their toys out of the pram, but actively set about trying to undermine democracy! (not all the losers obviously because there were Remain voters who said they would vote Leave at any second referendum due to the disgusting attack on a democracy that we are told must be held sacred (until it doesn`t go the way that powerful VI`s want obviously) ) Boris rightly stamped on this dangerous nonsense and got the top job for his decision. The vote was simply... Do you want to be a Sovereign Nation, or do you want to be run by the EU? The British people voted, and the rest is history.
  19. The ability to decide on the trade deals etc. that you take, and the laws inside the sovereign border, whether the country is "self-sufficient" or not (how many are even close..the U.S maybe?) is a separate issue that might relate to how much pressure the country could withstand in trade deals from other players wishing to get the best deal for themselves.
  20. You are living in a fantasy land if you think an economy/market the size of the UK doesn`t have clout in making deals, in the not too distant more countries will leave the EU and make deals with who they wish as they wish, the UK will be high on the list.
  21. ? I said Brexit was the route to being a country with full decision making powers for itself. It was obvious that an economy the size of the UK was going to have a lot of clout in future deal-making.
  22. One of the main aims of FOM IMO was to manipulate wages lower and keep people in debt longer.
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