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  1. They can`t hide the "bad" inflation though, people notice food, travel, fuel and heating price increases and don`t like it, house price inflation was until recently probably seen as "good" inflation?
  2. https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6303620/will-house-price-increases-ever-slow-down#latest
  3. Exactly, and a lot of paper/spreadsheet shuffling can be done from home more effectively without office based distractions, so they have the perfect excuse anyway.
  4. Interesting Penny Drop moment on Bloomberg earlier when they started to realise that people are getting fed up with the vaccine narrative, presenter commented that recent NY area TV ads have shifted from "Vaccine" as the primary focus to "Mental Health". When the bottom line gets hit and the lawsuits start the narrative will quickly shift again IMO.
  5. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/southwest-flights-cancellations-covid-vaccine-b1935866.html
  6. It is far far too early to make that call IMO, they have been trying unsuccessfully to get general inflation since 2008, we are not there yet, the stimulus effect will probably wear off soon and if there is a Covid surge/demand dip they can print all they want it won`t make any difference, and a warm winter will pour cold water on the banker`s wet dreams about fuel inflation as well.
  7. I would vote for him because he attacked HTB schemes as "perpetuating a property bubble" or words to that effect in his budget response speech, but maybe I need him to be more vocal about this going forward to actually take the plunge and vote Labour.
  8. Let`s see how winter goes, pretending that a vaccine is "great" in the height of summer doesn`t really cut it for me TBH.
  9. No, I said people are not returning to normal as in "normal" before Covid in response to..... "despite a large proportion of people going on about life as normal " It is you who added the bit about this relating to rising or otherwise cases. I am just saying that IMO many people have modified their behaviour.
  10. "Nah, a lot of people are still being very careful, I`ve been on empty buses in the middle of the city recently, in the middle of the day midweek, that isn`t normal but if you want to pretend to yourself that things have gone back to how they were because there is an injection people can get be my guest." Can you point out where I say infection rates are not rising?
  11. Or could it be the hot weather/Vit D and people being outside instead maybe? I think the numbers willing to be continually jabbed will dwindle quite quickly (Large numbers of Key workers/teachers etc. in the U.S already not keen to play ball?)
  12. So about 18 months of lockdown V a couple of months of "freedom" at the height of summer when people are outside getting vitamin D, right, LOL.
  13. Nah, a lot of people are still being very careful, I`ve been on empty buses in the middle of the city recently, in the middle of the day midweek, that isn`t normal but if you want to pretend to yourself that things have gone back to how they were because there is an injection people can get be my guest.
  14. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/the-u-ks-46-covid-hotspots-as-daily-cases-top-40000-175301274.html
  15. And this will be from evidence collected during lockdown I assume?
  16. Yes it exists, the last 6 or 7 people I talked to who had it were all vaccinated though, wonder if the smallpox "conspiracy theorists" had the same experience in their time?
  17. Good. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/surprise-default-china-worsens-evergrande-051313570.html
  18. And that is why cases are rising IMO, although I think there are also large numbers who don`t believe the hype and are self-policing their behaviour, this is going to show up in the borrowing/spending data soon IMO.
  19. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/familyhealth/number-of-britons-ill-with-covid-at-highest-level-since-january/ar-AAPeohr?ocid=uxbndlbing
  20. What does it do? Even the MSM have to admit it doesn`t stop you getting or spreading Covid, what does it do that vitamins/keeping fit/proper distancing/testing/ being immune or previous exposure doesn`t do?
  21. Right, bold prediction, lets see how it pans out. Basically my original assertion still stands, that people are far too used to zero rates and increasing house prices for their own financial good. IMO of course.....
  22. https://www.channel4.com/news/covid-cases-rising-as-vaccine-rollout-appears-to-be-faltering When will they admit that it was lockdown and more stringent distancing measures that dropped infections? Nightclubs and Uni`s should never have re-opened at this stage, schools should have been on a much slower staged return with zoom etc. being used more effectively, they could have organised distanced "social/teaching groups" for parents/teachers/pupils who couldn`t handle the "isolation" LOL and they should have been shaming people who jumped on planes to top up their tan and their beer belly rather than people who had genuine reservations about a hastily cobbled together vaccine program.
  23. The difference is that the smallpox vaccine seems to work? A placebo thrown out to get people back shopping is not the same IMO, so either they overstated the risk or we are going to have a bad wave during the winter?
  24. Ok, so the general public won`t care too much if interest rates rise, the average person under 35 has been borrowing with an eye on rate rises and people knew EXACTLY how the property bubble was created and maintained when they scraped together family loans, couch money and a HTB scheme for a new-build in London, LOL, let`s just see how it pans out. People are wailing about a £20 p.w cut to benefits sending some into "poverty" FFS!
  25. As I said one of many small news story steps away from their original stance IMO, not saying it is not newsworthy, just that there will be shortened Covid Vax segments as they try to gauge public opinion and slip in more nuanced stories. Malaria might be a "good" vaccine story where Covid is a "controversial" vaccine story, but I think the original push to get "everyone" on the same page (for whatever reason) has failed, don`t you?
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