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  1. Yes, but what people actually did during FOM doesn`t back up what you said about EU destinations that are off the beaten track to many people?
  2. There will be a lockdown in December probably and they are going to have to raise them anyway, the people who matter will be as well positioned as they can be, but there is going to be fallout for residential and commercial property sadly, the real players don`t care about some Doughnut in Wakefield or Preston with 6 BTL`s although the commercial rent damage might hurt them a bit.
  3. The small towns might have no jobs though, the only point of the super fast connection is to book your flight to London! Many EU people were moving to London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh where the connection is just fine.
  4. Everything runs on debt, if your personal finances run on debt it is going to get uncomfortable if rates start rising.
  5. I was on the beach once in Bournemouth, during winter and there was a heavy choppy sea with accompanying rain strong wind and mist, quite invigorating and scary at the same time the power of the sea, but through the gloom in the choppy water I could see something bobbing about and realised it was someone swimming along the line of the beach in the storm, they were suited up and I think had a safety buoy attached but still it looked pretty dangerous to me, do you think they were SBS?
  6. The youth will just go back to "illegal" raves etc. the passport thing will be dropped in time.
  7. Cheers, hopefully the media will ramp up the "fear" LOL, wouldn`t want to be sitting on 500k mortgage debt for a London newbuild with cladding issues though.......
  8. Colin Powell has passed away, Covid complications, fully vaccinated.
  9. The people launching the "drive" are up to their armpits in property, the only solution is that the youth manage to join the dots.
  10. Yields heading up nicely again today, Bloomberg team in a panic because "EM currency rate rises are not translating to increased currency flows" 😋
  11. Maybe, but there is reason why a lot of young Europeans are fuming about the end of FOM, and it isn`t because they want to live in their own country with all the greatness you describe? You can get internet TV anywhere (who really wants to watch it for long though?) that won`t save some of the EU basket case economies.
  12. Don`t you get the feeling that the whole scenario over the last 18 months is just a little bit too obviously all about creating the excuse to stoke inflation?
  13. Many will just continue to live at home, and will also have had their view of "starter flats" clouded by the horror stories about cladding issues and offshore freeholders just plucking repair bill totals out of their a*rse.
  14. By housing costs you mean heating the thing and feeding yourself I assume? Is there a link somewhere to this?
  15. I don`t like the sound of SPD, I preferred it when they got pissed up on stopovers with the cabin totty.
  16. UK sub-prime was being sold to U.S and other investors as was sub-prime from other parts of the world, it was just a global Ponzi, now still being bailed out.
  17. Love it when this one pops up from the depths....
  18. He attacked HTB schemes in his budget response speech, saying that they just "stoke property bubbles/prices, putting them more out of reach of ordinary people", he didn`t need to do that, or is it all staged to look like they care?
  19. Add in TV, other media, and pressure from relatives/friends and you can see how someone could be cornered into buying an over-priced fire-trap with an offshore freeloader constantly tweaking the "costs" they have to pay? https://www.globalwitness.org/en/campaigns/corruption-and-money-laundering/anonymous-company-owners/legalised-extortion/
  20. According to Bloomberg today it is also employers who are pushing back, one of the anchors described this as "bizarre" or something to that effect, as if they just can`t get their head around the fact that this isn`t going to go over as originally hoped.
  21. I meant against employers for making it compulsory or making it very difficult to work without getting it.
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