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  1. He will say no cause for panic, lets just keep shopping and drinking.
  2. LOL, you can`t generalise the whole thing from your own household, some people get a slight change in smell or taste, or maybe they get "foggy" and can`t concentrate as much or whatever, and some people get very very sick for weeks, it is a lottery depending on your genes/immune system and various other probably unknown factors IMO. The mistake was opening up too quickly and pretending that a quickly cobbled together "vaccine" was anything other than a prop to get people out shopping again, that approach is going to come back and kick the government in the Ass.
  3. If it gets bad they will be forced to shut the places people flock to, pubs, clubs, Christmas markets etc. Modern Zombies don`t stand outside locked retail hubs, they just stay in with their multiple screens, the downside for the government is that the economy will be f*ucked. On a more serious note though I have a feeling that we are going to get a combined weather/financial/Covid "event" this winter, and with BJ on the wheel things might unravel a bit, for sure large numbers of the public are too thick to take precautions, they need to be told what to do unfortunately.
  4. Avoiding mortgage debt is the way to march, not actually taking to the streets, the point was that most of the people enraged about their "freedom" around vaccines are probably in decades long hock to the bankers for basic shelter and didn`t notice,, and you are just seething that you lost the Brexit vote and it infects everything that you post, LOL.
  5. Yep, many in the public have lapped it up though, that disturbs me even more, strange how people are straight onto the streets over the vaccine nonsense, yet have allowed the money scam to go on for decades? The Property Ponzi with BTL tagged on is the absolute pinnacle of mugging the public into debt, I bet even the bankers can`t believe that it caught on so well......
  6. Now is different because interest rates might NEED to rise. That hasn`t really been the case for the last ten years.
  7. Many no doubt wishing they had just stuck to the parents and had a shag in the garage on a Friday night.
  8. I think I predicted somewhere another lockdown by 15th December, people won`t follow it this time though, but pubs etc. will be forced to close IMO.
  9. I might have exaggerated slightly, I seem to remember now it was a 400k house and a 450k house, something like that, as far as I know they still live in the properties and will no doubt have benefited from the cheap interest rates all these years, I still think they overpaid for what are essentially shoe-boxes though.
  10. LOL, right! I know care workers who "bought" 500k new-builds at the height of the madness (older couples, savings, some previous equity and family loans) EVERYONE and their dog has been "buying" house that is why we have a bubble! The whole point of the cheap debt experiment (well one of the points) was to hide the lack of wage growth.
  11. It is reaching a tipping point now, the "mandatory" rule for the NHS could bring down the BJ government IMO. (if it ever gets through Parliament - it probably won`t make it) https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/care-home-vaccine-nhs-discharges-b1955356.html
  12. LOL, I think many are soaking up the headlines though, and quietly soiling themselves (if they bought a half-million crap hole during the SDH that is, LOL)
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