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  1. And the medical experts who are calling for a plan B, they obviously don`t know how well this stuff works?
  2. Didn`t really work out too well for Hermann in the end though?
  3. I don`t really buy that, I think it is cover for wider systemic failure in the financial system.
  4. Brexit is an ongoing process, trying to say Brexit is a disaster in the shadow of Covid is just pretty silly TBH.
  5. Sure, but they said all that before we voted to leave as well. Your idea of what "reality" is seems slightly skewed, we have left, the EU backed polls are chip paper.
  6. They already screwed up by leaving lockdown too early IMO, it was all done to try and get people out mad spending again but they should have done it much more slowly I think, and been crystal clear that full lockdown can come back if required instead of trumpeting about Freedom Day etc. What they will get now if they try to lockdown is people refusing to do it and protesting and getting rowdy when pubs and other businesses are told to shut.
  7. What, he ain`t going to be elected again? The chances of the rest of Europe being open if we lockdown is slim with travel and nightclubs etc. getting back to full swing don`t you think, or are they magically protected because they didn`t vote for Brexit? LOL. (probably more than half of Europe would vote to break up the EU if given the chance though?)
  8. Maybe, but that could be seen as prudent measures to "safeguard public health", that is actually going to pick up votes, the point I was responding to was about "forcible vaccination", if the police can`t control the streets of London and other major cities in normal times, and people were obviously flouting lockdown rules in large numbers at various times recently, how do you see this being rolled out?
  9. A bailout would be followed by a crackdown on leverage by the Chinese Government, which would be deflationary The failure could lead to a wider credit crunch which would be deflationary......
  10. Yep, BJ would recoil from that straight away, he just wants to be elected.
  11. Until it affects the bottom line, then it will be quietly dropped.
  12. Because it provided an opportunity to slot in a statement that helps pull back from the previous, obviously now untenable, stance on vaccines/freedom passes etc. I predicted this would be happening all over the media some time ago.
  13. Yep, ideally you only want to go near if you are carried in unconscious, and make sure you get away as soon as possible. My last visit would be about 24 years ago and that was for a brief medical relating to a job application
  14. Fair enough, Bloomberg announced it with "this may fuel the debate on the efficacy of vaccines", maybe they didn`t know the full details of his illness at that point?
  15. Still plenty of people who want to be here, I have spoken to EU nationals recently who are absolutely furious at Brexit and the end of FOM (they are too young to know that people moved about in Europe before the EU and Android phones of course, LOL)
  16. Looks like the media have decided that the Covid Scare is basically over, is it really though?
  17. What is happening in credit/bond markets now isn`t the effect they desire though?
  18. Yes, but what people actually did during FOM doesn`t back up what you said about EU destinations that are off the beaten track to many people?
  19. There will be a lockdown in December probably and they are going to have to raise them anyway, the people who matter will be as well positioned as they can be, but there is going to be fallout for residential and commercial property sadly, the real players don`t care about some Doughnut in Wakefield or Preston with 6 BTL`s although the commercial rent damage might hurt them a bit.
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