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  1. Layers - there are large numbers of humans at all economic levels of society, sometimes just as smart and just as heavily armed that won`t necessarily do what other humans, governments, sovereign states or whatever want. Think Northern Ireland, U.S government V heavily armed population, Factory owners V unionised workers, EU Claptrap V Brexit Freedom Vote etc. etc.
  2. You said humans could be replaced with AI that does economic transactions? Who was going to replace them if not "elites", aliens?
  3. Basically the idea that the elites could wipe out millions without f*ucking themselves up is bonkers, and there are many layers of "elites", each with their own magic powers.
  4. BTL is under pressure, and BTL was the bankers way to get people into multiple mortgage debt, any sell off or sentiment change towards BTL leaves a LOT of housing stock in limbo with nowhere to go but down.
  5. Obviously the government will need to prioritise fuel for travelling carers/key workers, fannies who won`t use the bus or walk because they think they are too cool should get f*uck all. As someone said it is all orchestrated anyway.
  6. How do you feel about FOM designed to suppress wages, and wages now obviously going to rise?
  7. Because it isn`t one group that can wave a magic wand and do that (or want to do that) it is a tiered process, there are vested interests at all levels and there is the danger of the rich man`s island/gated community being over-run if they piss off too many people at once, and if you believe that certain people can throw viruses about as a political tool they run the risk of infecting themselves as well. The economic benefit trickles up, that is why people at the top of the pile need to keep economic activity going, the average banker at the run up to the subprime debt crisis was happy for financially dumb people to keep taking property loans but he/she was unlikely to be plotting to kill or replace them!?
  8. As soon as it appears that the "unvaccinated" have slowed down their shopping/borrowing due to "discrimination" the narrative will change (It already has, next year this will all just be "Like a common cold" supposedly. Last I heard you didn`t get vaccinated against the common cold.)
  9. As soon as it appears that the "unvaccinated" have slowed down their shopping/borrowing due to "discrimination" the narrative will change (It already has, next year this will all just be "Like a common cold" supposedly. Last I heard you didn`t get vaccinated against the common cold.)
  10. You didn`t read the post properly, you just jumped to a conclusion based on a small group of people that you know, some people are cautious whether vaccinated or not, others not so much, my point was that the COMBINATION of no lockdown, people being less cautious in general because of that, AND some vaccinated people believing that they have more protection from being jabbed than they actually have may have contributed to the spike in cases. Let`s face it, if the jabs are not preventing people catching or spreading it putting 200 vaccine passport holders on a plane to somewhere is pretty moronic is it not? There is no doubt that it was lockdown, where people were staying in and staying off flights and public transport, that slowed the spread, the PTB/media know this hence the switch in narrative to "it will be like a cold next year" etc. Put your brain in gear before responding in future please.
  11. Shutting nightclubs and Uni`s for a while isn`t fascism though, the problem we have is debt based "capitalism" not fascism. (They enforce the best interests of that system like Fascists though, LOL)
  12. You can`t completely, but the lockdowns we had in the UK certainly blunted the spike pretty noticeably? That is why I think the re-opening of nightclubs, Uni`s etc. was such a mistake, we should have gone with semi-lockdown longer as it spreads more slowly if people are kept out of crowd situations IMO.
  13. Interesting, thanks. When instant access hits 1% we have a disturbance in the Force, not until then though IMO.
  14. Most of the discrimination is media invention IMO, but maybe the media owners also own big lumps of pharma company shares, maybe the idea that a vaccine stops people getting really ill (and keeps them able to spend/borrow) is appealing to the banks/big commercial landlords who have big stakes in the media or maybe the government don`t have anything else in the toolkit so have to push the vaccine any way they can as "The Solution"?
  15. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/boris-johnson-extend-lockdown-laws-six-months-b953633.html The PTB know what works, everything else is just a safety valve to prevent social unrest (and give the big commercial landlords a breather)
  16. Infection rates are spiking and that is after a big vaccine roll-out and leaving lockdown.
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