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  1. Unfortunately that isn`t how democracy works, more people took a different view and we are where we are.
  2. "Do you want to be a sovereign state or not?" - Very straightforward question, no lies required. Of course we can argue about both sides exaggerating the benefits of their preferred outcome, but I think that most who voted to leave just simply want the UK to run it`s own business and negotiate with other states as an individual sovereign power.
  3. It is 50% of Remainers questioned, the other 50% just accepted democracy.
  4. Only in their dreams can the government have that sort of control over inflation.
  5. Joe 90 looked pretty robust and Presidential last night, unfortunately everything coming out of his mouth is just fart gas - Food on the table Blah Blah, Hard working Americans Blah Blah, More food on the table Blah Blah, Really hard working front line child caring neighbour loving Americans Bla Blah. Wake me up when he says - "We are going to cut rents and house prices for hard working people and we are going to do it now!"
  6. BJ had the balls to come out and say that Brexit won, that is why HE won.
  7. It isn`t though, it is bailing out anyone with a pension or investments as well?
  8. Mild exaggeration maybe, I probably can`t remember what being a teen feels like LOL, more like a very noticeable improvement in movement and joint strength, knees especially, finding running for the bus easier and feeling like taking jogging back up. that sort of thing.
  9. I started a vitamin D supplement recently, and as Al Pacino says to his cop buddies in Sea Of Love when they find out he is banging the main suspect...."Man...I feel like a F*ucking teenager!"
  10. Don`t believe all the p*ish you hear coming out of the SNP, people who are economically fearful are not going to vote to break up the UK, Scotland trying to join the Euro would be an unimaginable disaster IMO.
  11. He must have been hard if it took 80 of them? Not all Scots are as brainwashed and rabid as Nicola though, that is why they lost the referendum.
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