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  1. 3) Mortgage rates get pushed up and many people find they overstretched, the alternative is for CB`s to accept that they can`t re-inflate and stop trying?
  2. Yet KS launched straight into "Property Bubbles" and how damaging they are in his budget day speech? Scottish Labour are banging on about too expensive property and rent controls needed in their run up to the elections in May.
  3. Whatever. Robin Hood would never have told her that her portrait was "stunning", that is good enough for me.
  4. Really? The woman`s reaction was bonkers, that is a reaction to something deeper in her psyche IMO not this guy`s three line response on a website. Even the woman writing the article said - "Now, most normal women would have thought: โ€˜What a nice man.โ€™ Indeed, many of us would be delighted; compliments are few and far between these days. and she goes on to spell out how this reaction to his schoolboy banter is well...bonkers! ๐Ÿ‘€
  5. I don`t care what Paul Newman said, the "steak at home" ls just nonsense made up on the hoof to get an interviewer off an uncomfortable topic, it is alleged that he had tons of affairs , and he often portrays an attractive (to women) character type in movies such as "Hud" and many other movies, but whether he was married, gay, straight, barfly woman chaser or guy who could walk about with his dog at lunchtime and pick up woman or guy who was there for his wife every minute of the day isn`t the issue, I am simply saying that there are some behaviours that attract women and some that repel them,
  6. Just because someone couldn`t play Bond doesn`t mean they are not an "Alpha" male (Alpha isn`t the most powerful male frame anyway IMO) the guys I mentioned wouldn`t need to make cack handed attempts to get on a woman`s good side like the guy we are talking about did, that is the point, they already know that women are chasing them down wherever they go. I still think he should have said.. "F*uck, your photo is stunning....for a Lego character."
  7. Unless you knew Sellers personally and hung out with him you don`t know anything about his dynamic with women, maybe they liked the goofy side, maybe they were attracted to the dark side but couldn`t live with it or maybe the fact that he a was a rich famous man held up as a comedy genius had something to do with his powers of attraction. I only found out recently that he was an accomplished jazz drummer, I suspect his private persona wasn`t at all like what you have seen onscreen and in interviews. I am not saying that the screen personalities of Bond etc. are ALL that attracts women, ju
  8. So you think women "swooned" to masculine portrayals on screen such as Bond, Rock Hudson, Marlon Brando, Errol as RH and the guy from GWTW because they thought it was the accepted thing to do? Interesting viewpoint (or windup?) Who do you think women "swoon" for nowadays in the mainstream media/film/TV?
  9. The Aberdeen market collapsed, he had been talking it up for years, it probably just got too embarrassing to keep spouting HPI claptrap?
  10. Exactly, and when Covid is under control they will have to get another city pad because they are told to get back to the office.
  11. Women being attracted to "dominant" male traits is different to a woman being "subservient" to a man and doing his ironing. These attraction mechanisms developed millions of years ago B.R (Before Ronnies) As the old adage goes - If a woman says she likes you, she Loves you, if she says she hates you, she Loves you even more! What his co-stars said and what they actually did or felt are two different things, I bet a good number of them slept with him, but if they are high profile, married and asked about him in a celebrity mag they are probably not going to say they sh*agged him are they,
  12. You totally miss the point, why are men feeling the need to "compliment" women, the guy telling her that her husband was "lucky" is just submissive behaviour that annoys her at a deep primal level (her husband was probably a doormat too?) She expressed the anger this time by abusing her little bit of power over him and talking like an annoyed schoolgirl. It doesn`t matter what you think Fleming was like, the character he created as portrayed on the screen (especially by Connery) is displaying behaviour that is very attractive to women, and the other two would never tell a woman that they liked
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