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  1. dances with sheeple

    The perfect storm

    Yeah, they don`t let you on Easy Jet with a yellow fluorescent vest these days.
  2. A bit like the "Do houses disappear when landlords sell them" problem? I am confident that the jobs that are needed will be there, and jobs that are not really needed on a large scale (banking, property related skimming) won`t be. Obviously some other sectors and firms are going to have problems...maybe, but we can live through it, the present status quo regarding the EU is changing whether we do Brexit or not.
  3. No chance of a second ref. as long as May is in place? and the clock is ticking for Europe and the upcoming groundswell of "populism", they need to pull the plug on the UK quickly to discourage any more dissent? Also the more Bliar etc. come out for "Let`s just remain even though you voted to leave" the more angry people get and the less chance any second vote would have?
  4. Yep. Heading that way I think, slowing growth will be focussing the EU minds though, and the upcoming elections, they have a lot to lose but seem to be trying to stage a managed collapse of the project, which isn`t served very well by giving in to the UK now?
  5. And with a totally different set of opposite numbers probably? https://www.express.co.uk/comment/columnists/frederick-forsyth/1058891/europe-eu-brussels-corbyn-yellow-vest-protest Lets just get out now, no more dithering, no more being tied to the apron strings, let the EU self-destruct like the Death Star it is.
  6. Other people from his political era saying the opposite, it is inevitable that we just continue to a "No Deal", and pointing out that the idea that the world would just stop and freeze frame at that point is very very silly.
  7. My take is that that approach just ran out of steam, there is something in the wind, the protests in France etc. show that the discontent isn`t going to go away, and people here are not going to stand for a democratic vote being overturned IMO, and the people who would try do it have realised this and their energy and motivation to fight change is flagging, three that I saw today looked weak, Lib Dem woman asking for "People`s Vote" at PMQ`s looked weak and out of touch with the prevailing mood IMO, Vince Cable looked drained and much older on SKY news, and Soubry looked slightly crazy IMO, desperate to get her way in the face of a resounding NOT HAPPENING. Just my take from todays TV, a few months ago these people had much more confidence and belief that they would get their way about them IMO. I really feel that a lot of the public and MP`s are going to give in to the compelling temptation to just tell the EU we are leaving and let them deal with it.
  8. Exactly, we are heading for just leaving on "No Deal" IMO, that is becoming more a narrative on SKY etc. from guests, and the presenters are being talked down a lot more when they try to say "But, but shouldn`t we just vote again til we get the right answer". Great popcorn moments ahead.
  9. dances with sheeple

    The perfect storm

    I`m also predicting that the EU isn`t going to win this stand off, they are already on the back foot although talking tough, and are due a really good banking crisis.
  10. dances with sheeple

    The perfect storm

    Yes, the energy out there has definitely shifted, we are a long way from the ECB etc. staring down the bond vigilantes, anything could happen, and property/stock markets are very exposed. I am going to predict that May loses the vote tonight, and that starts a chain reaction that takes us into a trade/political confrontation with the EU.
  11. dances with sheeple

    Diane Abbot for Prime minister

    Only if you don`t like democracy, it is actually one of the few sensible things she is doing IMO. None of the political class when it really comes down to it want a second ref. because the damage that does to their position is massive, hence the two year pretence of "leaving" only to come up with a watered down "staying" arrangement. Problem is there is too much opposition to this rubbish deal ("Leave" won the vote remember, and MP`s are conscious of losing their seats if they don`t act for their voters) so May is finished IMO, and we are going Hard Brexit because the EU have to get this done and dusted before their next election/riot/banking crisis to show others that we have voted for a hard road, and leaving isn`t a good option (The EU project is of course Kaput, but they will drag it out to the bitter end anyway, far too much ego involved)
  12. dances with sheeple

    Diane Abbot for Prime minister

    Yes, massively disturbing on a lot of different levels.
  13. I know, I was just pointing out the limits of democracy to satisfy everyone, especially on these types of vote, and the absurdity of campaigning for years to have these referendum votes and then squealing to have them reversed or over-turned, maybe the public needs to vote on whether or not to have referendum votes? Bit late maybe?
  14. As one of the guests pointed out, Scotland voted to remain in the UK in 2014, and it was well known at the time that the "EU issue" was in the pipeline, so we need to abide by what the UK majority voted for re. the EU if we want to abide by democracy.
  15. Did you see the SKY news discussion with members of the public in Edinburgh, very clear and sensible points about why Brexit, and possibly No Deal Brexit, is the only way forward and some waffle from the token EU lover and a snowflake? This is not going away, and the people who voted Brexit are really not the type of people many think (or would like to think) as eloquently pointed out by one of the guests.

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