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  1. Do you think that Bob8 is a sensible name, do you think it gives you credibility? Wake up and stop spouting nonsense before Bob7 replaces you.
  2. Chavs, and maybe students like to congregate in large groups in the sun to drink and make general twats of themselves, my point was that there are people in authority and people not in authority breaking the spirit of the rules, and a lot of people are starting to think that the rules are maybe a load of bo*llocks as well?
  3. Civil war no, threat to the "recovery" yes, second wave of virus..possible, there isn`t going to be a V shaped recovery.
  4. Are the chavers the new "Elite" now Wake up and stop posting this ******** twaddle.
  5. In the UK? That is stretching it a bit IMO, people just calculate that the chances of catching and dying from this are slight, and most people don`t know anyone who has died. Another poster posted an interesting link to HK flu outbreaks in 1957 and 1967, which I wasn`t really aware of. Woodstock went ahead during the second pandemic and the explanation in the article, and by people interviewed who just carried on partying throughout was that due to WW2, Korea and Vietnam wars people were much more used to death and didn`t panic quite so much.
  6. What about all the chavs on the beaches, who`s rules do they live by? Stop posting this absolute b*ollocks FFS.
  7. Mostly Remain voters probably. B.J needs to grab No Deal with both hands now and run as fast as his little legs can carry him towards the goal line, that is his best chance of getting approval back up and getting the D.C thing in the rear mirror (Remainers will continue to bang on and on and on about it though, just like they did about having a second ref.) Go Boris! It`s your only chance!
  8. Yeah, he said that at the start of the crisis with a nice rant on Bloomberg that I might have posted a link to at the time.
  9. Pure farce, DC is staying, but it would be funny to see the government/B.J fall over this, would that be even worse for house prices now than C19 and Brexit?
  10. 1) If you want a thing to happen, but more people vote for that thing not to happen, what will happen? (and remember that no amount of dummy spitting and nappy soiling can change the outcome)
  11. Thought the eyes on your avatar didn`t move any more, but they just did! Funny, reminds me of BJ when he is under pressure.
  12. Wonder if the DC situation is just a stunt to get people thinking they might as well start going out more if the "elite" are doing it? Places where people would crowd together to socialise can still be shut, but shops, small businesses like cafe`s nail bars etc. can open and get the owners/workers off the government teat?
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