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  1. If negative rates ever happened (they won`t, not on a big scale) mortgage rates would rise to compensate for all the savings account cash going under the pillow (you can`t "close" a mortgage, not without legal consequence anyway)
  2. If the vaccine is so effective why should he need a vaccine to sit on a plane, or at a football match or concert next to vaccinated people who are totally "protected"?
  3. They have taken onboard all the B.S from SKY "news" etc. about how effective the vaccines are and are taking more risks than the people who understand why the lockdown approach works.
  4. The last few people I know of getting Covid, some ill for weeks, were double jabbed, stop talking sh*ite please people have a right to question the absolute nonsense that is going on just now.
  5. Total fantasy thinking IMO, events like these should not be going ahead at the moment.
  6. It is "thought" to do this and "maybe" it does that, but know one really knows do they? Hence the reason I asked the question. I don`t buy your percentages for one minute, we were locked down that is why the virus died down for a while IMO.
  7. BTW the person was "very ill" at home for five weeks according to them, did the jab really make any difference?
  8. Really? I thought it was supposed to prevent you getting as ill as you might get without it, although isn`t this also debateable as someone who had it recently (double jabbed) said to me that the symptoms were different for them and their two other close contacts who also tested positive, as if the virus adapted it`s attack to different individual characteristics, so how do we know so much about how it spreads? Isn`t it just more likely that lockdown prevented the spread by keeping people away from each other and that the media/politicians are now unable to backtrack from the earlier position they took on vaccination as the only way out?
  9. Yep, and as far as I understand the jab doesn`t prevent you getting or spreading the virus (last few people I know of testing positive were double jabbed) Sky "news" running with the narrative that unvaccinated are a risk to society it looks like today, utter morons. It will be interesting to see how they cover more and more jabbed people getting ill as we leave restrictions.
  10. What accounts are these, I know Marcus recently did a small hike?
  11. At peak madness you couldn`t visit your relatives but could jump on an easy jet flight, everyone I have recently heard of testing positive was double jabbed.
  12. Imagine one guy down the coast with his surfboard propped up at the door ready to go firing of a couple of e-mails or doing a brief zoom call just to "check-in" and another guy sitting outside the boss person`s door salivating with ambition and the desire to ass kiss and make his managers life easier in any way he can.........who do you think will get the next promotion? People really key to the company can do what they like within reason but I think a lot of easily replaceable people who thought they could move to the country and do zoom calls a couple of times a day in between making pottery will be disappointed, the system isn`t set up to give the little guy that sort of power (40 year mortgage anyone?) Next step will be a "shaming" campaign to get people back to the office IMO, those commercial landlords/banks need you off the beach/couch!
  13. Exactly, people who are moving to coastal/rural areas will be on a hippie red flag list in their manager`s desk drawer, the company will be scouring their contracts for ways to dump them.
  14. Doesn`t take much to change people`s sentiment for paying top dollar for basic property though? https://www.yourlocalguardian.co.uk/news/19468827.flooding-london-areas-risk-underwater-2030/
  15. I think future flooding is a bigger risk to London than Covid, if you are used to and like London life then moving to the sticks somewhere is going to be very hard to adapt to long term, and as soon as Covid becomes "normalised", just another coronavirus that we live with, many will be expected to attend the office and may find that their knee jerk Covid move wasn`t the best decision?
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