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  1. 2) most likely now IMO, all three open up ground for Farage and similar minded politicians though, so either way politics in the UK/EU is changed completely by this vote, and that in itself is a good result IMO.
  2. By the EU on themselves yes, how do you think No Deal will benefit them?
  3. This thread is very very tedious now.
  4. dances with sheeple

    I'm not entirely sure I understand life

    Ever considered motivational speaking?
  5. Are you saying all leavers are black?
  6. The risks of an incompetent pro-EU government and a belligerent dying EU dinosaur lashing out at anything that challenges it you mean? I think most people expected the second part, but the sheer inability of May and her team to negotiate anything of value probably took quite a few by surprise More reason to get rid of this government and the EU though IMO.
  7. How could you possibly know this? The EU and the "single market" isn`t going to be around in 20 years would be my bet if I was trying to be psychic.
  8. UK can just follow EU guidelines and make it`s products compatible for that market, surely we have had plenty of practice? The last thing the EU want as it slips into recession is a "Buy British" campaign from a market as big as ours, and the next last thing it wants to do is somehow try to punish us with legislation/tariffs, the EU electorate are not going to stand for this as they will just want to sell into our market and won`t want reprisal legislation/tariffs.
  9. Why do you think that Remain voters jobs are more at risk?
  10. Why were they producing in the UK in the first place?
  11. Right, but they didn`t have the means to stop politicians from both main parties just ignoring this ability, so they pulled the big brake on the bus labelled Brexit. If Farage has a new party up and running and Westminster and the devolved parliaments are where the buck stops (No more "A bigger EU made us do it!" excuses) then politicians are on notice that if they get it wrong again on immigration then a sizeable number of votes are going to go away, then they will start paying more attention IMO.
  12. I will take Farage over most of them, and will be voting for his new party at the first opportunity.
  13. How do you know what will happen?
  14. How many people have lost their jobs so far (as we were told would happen by Project Fear)?

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