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  1. With these sorts of shows the twitter commentary can be amusing to follow. What was interesting was that at the same time as this show went out featuring a significant number from the ethnic minorities the Home Office was tweeting a list of numbers of illegal immigrants caught in this week's 'round up'. All a little bit much for the delicate types who are comparing the present situation to 1936 Germany.
  2. Lots of people now doing stuff with shipping containers. I'm currently talking to one outfit about creating floating homes with a shipping container concept http://www.onecoolhabitat.com/about.html
  3. Having read Galbraith's book and Bernanke's essays on the great depression it was the single line that stood out for me but I can't remember which text it was.
  4. The 75% of the population who were never unemployed during the great depression, nevertheless, took an average 45% cut in the value of their wages.
  5. Evening Standard article Two housing officials were shot and injured today as they tried to evict a tenant from a flat in south London. The man and a woman were rushed to hospital where they are being treated. Their condition is believed to be serious but is not thought to be life threatening. Armed police raced to the scene after the shooting in Strathleven Road just before 10am. They forced their way into a flat in the street and arrested a man. He was unarmed but officers later found a gun at the address. The two officials were said to be in the process of trying to evict the man from
  6. 40,000 tvs depreciated over 3 years versus the cost of employing additional screws to keep bored inmates in order. No brainer. The issue here is not that tvs are used to keep prison wings quiet but that NHS managers have been duped into allowing a scam to operate. Presumably for kickbacks.
  7. The rental strategy In the summer of 2011, at an internal presentation by the directors of a major London estate agent, the staff were told about a strategy that promised to improve the bottom line. The plan, and its like at other firms, would have implications for the capital’s home hunters and sellers to this day. The company was facing an unfamiliar situation. The post-crash rentals boom had seen the lettings department offloading properties in hours and lining their pockets with fees, while their counterparts in sales struggled. The strategy announced would brilliantly turn the new marke
  8. faisal-islam-hundreds-of-new-homes-from-help-to-buy-at-what-cost/18168 The Fairclough’s new home looks like an ordinary home, the start of a new life for the couple from St Helens. The remarkable feature of the development has long since disappeared: it used to be the Knowsley Road, ground of the mighty. But this property is in fact an experiment vital for the entire British economy, upon which George Osborne’s hopes for recovery rest. Mark and Lindsey’s pad is the second in Britain in an experiment in which you the taxpayer are invested for the next half decade. etc
  9. The working class is finding a voice. Those who speak for the working class are furious about it.
  10. When he and Balls are starting a 40 stretch in Belmarsh.
  11. Crossfit boxes are all rammed as far as I can see @ 45-50 quid a month but nobody suffers from feckarounditis. Get in, do the workout & go.
  12. There's a planning app in Southampton for a high rise with 150 student flats. No shortage here it would appear.
  13. It seems that a decision to make desinewed meat being used in value ranges illegal was the catalyst. DSM was the replacement for 'pink slime' or meat recovered using high pressure water. The point being, the regulators trying to improve quality against supermarkets desperate to reduce costs.
  14. The model of raising rents to 'market levels' for a demographic that survives on min wage and benefits can only end in one of these associations imploding at some point. Can't be far away now.
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