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  1. Well, the adventure begins for me today again. Did not seem too painful (I`ve signed on) Next step is too make a cv then try for a job at the NHS.....half hearted is me. According too the woman it will take a couple of weeks to appeal against being kicked out of esa.....probably longer. Seems to me to be you sign on for one week and then sign for 2 consecutive weeks from then on. Anyway, the weather smiled on me today..
  2. Thanks Winkie,. Yes there do seem to be plenty of easy jobs eg helping get people from ambulance to residences / serving tea and coffee......
  3. Thanks Crash.... Our local hospital employs over 10,000 people....maybe room for one more .
  4. Just got a letter yesterday from the department of work and pensions saying that my ESA will be stopped . So it looks like I`ll be heading off to the JC before landing myself a cozy little NHS job. Cleaning , or feeding , trolley pushing will do. BTW, I live near a massive hospital . Wish me luck people...
  5. Thanks Durham born....I`ll take your advice on ESA and JSA. They`re certainly taking their time...about a month so far. Meanwhile I`m working on my health and trying to lose weight. `Enjoying ` oats potato, rice diet, I think it`s costing me under 5 quid a week.
  6. Congats MattW ! and please remember to fight to keep it.
  7. Hello Jimmy.... and yoi otoshio or however you spell it !
  8. thanks jimmy...... We also had to fight against privatisation a few years ago.....went the day well. So, we are still council tenants AND our rents go down 1 % per year. Yay.
  9. Scored a bin mans sweat shirt about a year ago....it was rapped in plastic with the correct address and all. I`ll wear it tonight in celebration of the world of free stuff.
  10. Well....I just wear a T shirt under two fleeces for winter. Wash day is pretty simple too....
  11. I`m also on a breakfast and lunch only `diet`, Have been on it for 9 months...works well. Also I started checking Aldi prices for about 20 items starting 4.5 years ago. People talk about inflation but frankly I can`t see it.... As for Tesco........dead man walking.
  12. Well we were warned getting on for 1.5 years ago that we`d be 25% worse off if we left the EU.... Little by little we`re leaving but I`ve yet to see remoaners leaving. Maybe they`re creeping out in the dead of night to save embarrassment.
  13. The unanswerable question is how long can this go on.... 7 years is my guess.
  14. Mentally prepared mainly. You wake up one morning and realise you`ve got nothing....and you just go on.
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