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  1. Its not flats though..we are renting a 4 bed house and next door is a 2 bed house. If its not that uncommon how are shared utilities charged fairly to each tenant in general ?
  2. The deposit was lodged in the tenant protection scheme as I signed the paperwork with the letting agent and got a receipt and seperate confirmation. Not sure if this issue will be grounds to break tenancy agreement and it cost us in excess of £1000 for removals. Thinking it through best option I think is to put the utilities back in LL name and gave the issue back to them to resolve !
  3. Yes we were given a gas safety certificate. The gas meter is outside both properties so I guess they could just open it for the emergency control valve (didn't know there was such a thing). I did inform the gas supplier (who also supplies the electric) and they said to raise issue with LL as it was 'unfair'. I am really angry with the LL as I am convinced they were pulling a fast one thinking we would never find out..only last week they asked me was all ok with utilities being setup for us which I said it was no problem. There is no managing agent - agent only involved in setting up letting agreement and doing inventory check-in...so will have to deal with LL. Will wait until I know more info on our rights from CAB etc. Thanks Ann Marie
  4. Thanks...will try CAB tomorrow if no one else on forum has any advice before tackling the landlord on the issue.
  5. Hi, I would appreciate some advice please. We moved into our new rented prperty on 8th May and today received the inventory. A comment next to the meter reading for the gas was 'shared with next door'. This got my attention and so I checked and there is only one gas meter outside situated between both front doors. I've done further phoning around the utility companies and it appears there is only one water meter and one elect meter. When we moved in landlord had asked us to setup next door off our tv/internet contract as they had been cut off and their rent incl tv/interent, we said no that they needed to get their own installation. No mention was made of utilities, but I believe they are probably renting inclusive of all bills (no one at home next door). The house we rent was in the past split into 2 parts xxx and xxxA, the landlord lived in xxx and we now have rented from them. We knew they also owned and let xxxA as they told us, however they never informed us that there is only one set of meters for both properties. If this note hadn't appeared on inventory we would have been none the wiser as the landlord never told us up front. Is this legal ? How can we work out who is liable for what..at the moment we are liable for everything as all the utility companies have our name against all the meter readings !! Thanks in advance, Ann Marie
  6. Thanks for advice, read PDF and it states compulsory insurance is an unfair term. Only problem I see is that the agent may not be willing to negotiate and we lose the £275 admin fee we have already paid for them to do checks etc. which have been completed. This stinks in my view as you only get these docs after you have paid admin fees and your references/credit checks have passed. AM
  7. Hi, Checked out website and the insurance co and the letting agency are part of the same "group of companies" !!!!! The insurance co address is a PO BOX in Jersey. Thanks, AM
  8. Hi, Would really appreciate some advice/guidance on this issue. I have just received tenancy agreement for signing on a house we are planning to rent (unfurnished but incl white goods). What took me by surprise in the tenancy schedule (and it was repeated multiple times in various places in bold) was the following : "We take this opportunity to remind you that under the terms of your tenancy agreement you are required to hold adequate insurance to cover the personal possession of each tenant and include accidental damage caused to your landlords contents, buildings, furniture, fixtures and fittings. Standard contents insurance policies may not include such cover and we are therefore pleased to introduce a specialist policy from xxx insurance which complies with your tenancy agreement and starts from as little as £x.xx per month. Should you wish to arrange cober please complete the enclosed application form and send it to xx in the pre-paid envelope provided or call them on xxx to arrange cover quoting this branch. " I thought we would be responsible for our contents insurance only and the landlord would be responsible for his own cover of appliances etc and buildings. Is the above standard or is the agency just making us arrange extra insurance with a co they have an assoc with nd saving the landlord money. In the detailed Tenancy T&Cs under Section 11 under the landlord obligations it states in clause 11.4 "insure the property and the fixtures and fittings specified in the inventory and schedule of condition to their full replacement value with an insurance company of repute and all items normally covered by a householders comprehensive policy." This clause appears to contradict earlier statements in the schedule ...... confused. Any advice before we sign would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, AM
  9. hi - would you mind sharing which part of France you relocated to and why you moved back to UK after so many years ? I thought once you made it past the first couple of years then coming back to UK isn't the norm. We are planning to re-locate next year to SW France (between Pau and Biarritz) - plan to rent there initially to see how we feel before making commitment to buy.
  10. What does it mean for French mortgage holders on tracker mortgages ? We have a small french mortage , but it tracks the EURIBOR rate not ECB rate s I understand most trackers in France do. The EURIBOR and ECB rates have not been closely alligned for months with a lot of volatility in the EUROBIR while ECB rate has stayed at 4%. Do you expect the EURIBOR rate to rise same %points as ECB if they do raise rates to flight inflation ?? http://www.euribor.org/html/content/euribor_data.html
  11. Related thread on main HPC website with views and articles on French Property market. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=78377
  12. I think further falls to come - wouldn't buy in France until 2009/2010.
  13. I can't say that I am surprised if you are talking about dept 66 (pyrenees orientales). It is a lovely area with beach and mountains etc. We looked there approx 2 years ago and were shocked by the prices - very over inflated and clearly priced for foreign buyers. We were dealing with agency beautifulsouth - just had a look now at their website and property from 2 years ago still for sale. The denial phase will pass once foreign buyers stop paying over the odds and reality sets in - the strength of the EURO I think will quicken this reality check especially for UK buyers/sellers.
  14. Agree. We are planning to relocate to SW France in early 2009 and have concluded that we will just rent for first year and see how the EURO/GBP and French property markets do. It will be a chance to really research the area in all 4 seasons before we commit to buying in France. Luckily we sold up in UK last summer so we don't have any UK property to worry about.
  15. Hi - curious to know how your viewing trip went. Can you post any analysis on state of the market from your trip experience - which region did you visit ?
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