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  1. i think it could be surprising which way this country could go, i can see see more Violence more criminal acts when a person realizes he has no future and no hope of ever having a anything what action do you think he is going to take ? what future is there for your children's children, wage slavery if this is the peak of human kind i would hat to see the bottom
  2. Thanks for the reply I did not want to try and upset anyone but I am frustrated and peed off On the spelling front I think I am dyslexic a bit and made it through uni with the spell checker in high gear I can tell you for a fact I did come out of uni and could not get a job anywhere I finished with a masters in electronics which looking backs seems no point in a country with no manufacturing base anymore So out of desperation I started repairing cars, the electrics on them which over the past few years I have done very well, imported parts from china and sold them over hear so you could say I an average jo who has tried to make something of himself but find the goal posts are being pulled away every time I look around i have never had any debt I was brought up with a family who said if you work for it you can have it, when I saw friends buying mercs on the never never I was buying fords I know someone who has just run up 50K in debt on cards and god knows what then gone bankrupt he did 200 hours community service that was it, he has now sold what he bought with the money and has had his father buy a house with then money, this is where we are at the scum are taking over To me this is the only life we are getting and to be struggling like this is beginning to seem pointless Now going to get a jag to fix cant wait another bloody car
  3. i like a few on hear who have had enough of this country and i am looking to get out of hear at long last i have found a nice place in spain which is 60K my question is this i have no debt at all in the uk apart from a 4k student loan outstanding, i see everyone screwing over the system and i am going to do the same Does anyone know if you can claim working tax credits whilst being abroad ? (like the polish seem to) and what are the prospects of taking out a loan and then leaving the country would they chase you for it ? i am currently 29 and have saved about 130K cash to buy in this country and now i can not see the point anymore in staying hear because to me in the real world jobs are disapering fast
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