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  1. Well done. You have noticed the distraction taktik, I was wondering how long before the penny dropped
  2. but perhaps I should ask the interview panel...? I agree the house is what the buyer is prepared to pay, but I think if my circumstances were different (not 2 mortgages) I may have got more. The gentleman that I purchased from was a wealthy man, he did have 2 offers higher than his asking price, he actually said it would be nice to see your family around this neighbourhood, as his granddaughter looked like my daughter, so he accepted our offer. I think we were very lucky. We got the property 30k cheaper than the asking price.
  3. I know. Sad really. If I have upset anyone I apologise, but if my punctuation really offends you, don't follow this post, simple.
  4. But you are also illiterate, you have many spelling errors on your previous posts, so why not reply to my original post, or is that you would rather pick up on my punctuation.
  5. Must I look back on peoples previous posts, as long as its not the same spell checker you use. What we have here is a typical equity market over-reaction to some stupid lending practices. There will be some nasty collapses of junk mortgage providers and some banks will have their £5 billion a year profits pared down. The largely automated trading desks will remain volatile for the next month probably and then things will calm. The outcome will be a new round of regulations and the FSA/SEC will make some pronouncemnets etc but essentially life will role on. By Christmas the FTSE will trade around 6,500, interest rates will be 6% at most and HPI will have slowed to around 0.2% MOM nationally. about that 9 year old
  6. Thanks for the comment IDN I had a quick look at your posted garbage, remember this one "When a woman crouches on all fours, spreading her legs slightly and using her hands to tease apart her luscious buttocks, invitng you to insert your love sausage into her filty anus, avoid the temptaion to crouch over her and penetrate her from behind" actually invitng is spelt inviting we can all have our dim moments
  7. Hey cheers northern and your gonna like my next post!!
  8. I'm not sure I agree my other property which I live in now, I snapped up at a rock bottom price and I can safely say that it will more than double in value within the next 6 months
  9. Thanks for the thicko comment, I only came on here for a bit of fun and chat about property and come across some ignoranus pompus pendant, who would rather insult someone then actually chat, I might not be a good speller, but does that really matter!
  10. I think the property was worth a lot more than 302, the valuation was from a surveyor not an EA, only because of circumstances we sold, I beleive its the right person at the right time, not that it was overpriced, if circumstances were different I really think I would have got 325 or there abouts. Do surveyors over price property, I'm sure estate agents do.
  11. Thanks for the grammer correction, but this was not what I was asking about!
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