Books - Buying a property abroad

The “Which?” Guide to Buying Property Abroad

For recreation, retirement or investment, buying property abroad has never been more popular- over a million Britons now have homes in another country. Unfortunately, buying abroad is fraught with difficulties. Different cultures, languages, currencies and laws make expert advice essential.

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Buying a House in Italy: Where and How to Do It

Buying a House in Italy: Where and How to Do It For the practicalities of buying a property, this book gives sound advice in a very accessible form. Furthermore you get insights into the geography, language and mentality of the people that you will not find in standard tourist guides.

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Making Money from Letting: How to Buy and Let Residential Property for Profit

‘a comprehensive guide for the new landlord, which treats letting a property very much as a business, not just an investment. full of good, common sense advice for someone who has never let before.’ The Small Landlord’s Association.

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A Place in the Sun: Buying Your Dream Home Abroad

Whether thinking of settling elsewhere permanently or just looking for a weekend retreat; whether you dream of an Alpine chalet or a Portuguses pied a terre: this book includes all the guidance readers need to get started.

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