Books - Building your own home

The Homebuilding and Renovating: Book of Great Value Self-build Homes

A collection of 24 inspiring high-quality, low budget self-build homes built in the UK over the past three years, from just £32,000 up to £150,000, showing you to achieve a spacious family home in any style on a budget.

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How to Get Planning Permission

Ever been confused about what and when you need Planning Permission? Then this book is for you. From the most elementry advice to the most complexed requirements this book will guide you through.

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Building Your Own Home

Each year thousands of people realise their dreams and build their own home. Written by the acknowledged expert in the self-build field, Building Your Own Home has for twenty-five years been the readers’ essential reference, helping them through a minefield of conflicting advice and legislation.

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How to Find and Buy a Building Plot

Finding and buying the right building plot is one of the most complex and time-consuming tasks involved in building your own home. And today, with home building rapidly on the increase, the problems of finding land suitable for development are daily becoming more acute.

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124 Distinctive House Designs

An annual publication intended as a reference work for building contractors, building supply dealers, architects, and homeowners, the 1929 Home Builders Catalog offered a beautifully illustrated look at a variety of homes.

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The New Home Plans Book

A fully revised and updated edition of the self-builders’ ultimate design sourcebook All aspiring builders have their own ideas when it comes to designing their dream home. This book offers the key to realising your dreams.

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