Average UK Mortgage Interest Rates: 95%, 90%, 85% 75% & 60% LTV

Shown below are the average mortgages rates to UK households based on the deposit amount:

L.T.V (Loan to Value)Deposit AmountAverage Interest Rate (2 Year Fixed Rate)Average Interest Rate (2 Year Variable)Latest Date
60%40%1.15%30th June
75%25%1.37%2.05%30th June
85%15%2.38%30th June
90%10%3.09%2.90%30th June
95%5%3.75%3.78%30th June

Using the mortgage interest rates above the bar chart shows typical mortgage repayments:

typical mortgage repayments uk mortgage interest rates graph

Historical Average U.K Mortgage Interest Rates

The graph below should give you some idea of how UK mortgage interest rates have changed over time. 

average mortgage interest rate graph 2 year fixed rate


Only 60% LTV and 75% LTV mortgage rates have fallen back to or below their pre Covid levels. 

Whereas 85%, 90% & 95% LTV mortgages rates are all higher since Covid.