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In other news, LSL Acadata based on LR figures goes YoY negative. Now Sports ...

Bloomberg: London Leads Fall in Home Sales as Buyers Hold Breath for Brexit

apparently the first index to go year on year negative for England and Wales since 2012.

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The spring splat

Graun: Brexit fears dampen spring property revival as asking prices fall

asking prices fell, despite the spring bounce. Brexit is to blame according to the article, if it were not for that everything would be proceeding swimmingly to infinity and beyond.

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Was the any chance of a House Price Crash killed by QE?

BBC: Was the millennial dream killed by QE?

An article marking the tenth anniversary of the start of Quantative Easing. Personally I feel that the Banking Crisis led to the recession that never happened. The recession in 90s was far more noticeable to me. I wonder if they will ever expect the £435 Billion to be paid back ?

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Fall in the price of flats in England.

BBC News: Price of flats fell in England last year

Buy to Let offload and later FTB age, both factors

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Bank exposure

WolfStreet: I’m in Awe of How Fast the Housing Markets in Sydney & Melbourne Are Coming Unglued

The australian authorities seem to be letting the house collapse get underway, but it seems that there has been the same sub-prime liar loans, false documents, interest only etc, as the USA originally, so their banking system must be heavily exposed to losses and I guess australian mortgage backed securities are no longer sound. Australian central bank doing emergency rate cuts and keeping QE a policy option. There doesn't seem to be a large observable decline in the aus dollar against gbp though I wonder why. There has been a loss against us dollar. Its a bit weird to see a genuine new one emerge. In fact i worked with an australian guy about 3 or 4 years ago and said the collapse for australia was coming and he should read steve keen. Needless to say he bought last year "at the top"

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The Big Freeze

BBC News: House price growth at near six-year low

Sentiment seems to be falling."UK house prices grew at the slowest annual rate for nearly six years in January, according to the Nationwide. The lender said price growth 'almost ground to a complete halt', with prices up by just 0.1% from a year earlier, down from a rate of 0.5% in December." There's a graph of prices changes over last decade from Halifax and Nationwide and a nice little wigdget to play with showing the different affordability rates across country.

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Mainly the same figures as the BBC article I couldn't post

Gaurdian: House Prices fall at fastest rate in Six years

I expect the RLA will be saying that landlords will have to increase rents to make up for the depreciation they are seeing on their properties.

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