Smaller Rungs Campaign

We believe that house price crash needs to start a campaign for better and more affordable housing. We intend to call this plan "Smaller Rungs". I suggest everyone reads the article on restrictive planning leads to unaffordable housing and the full article at policy exchange. There is also another good article by the Adam Smith Institute called Land Economy, which argues for the abolishion of planning laws in favour or a market based sympathetic development system.

Campaign Objectives

  • To create a website, poster and political campaign that will:
  • Raise awareness of the supply problems with UK housing
  • Highlight the inferiority of UK housing stock compared to other countries. Compare our typical home sizes and qualities with other countries.
  • Demonstrate that making better quality housing more affordable is to the benefit of everyone who wants a bigger house.
  • High prices only help people trading down, or retiring.
  • Highlight to amount of new homes built now compared with the past.
  • Highlight the types of homes being built.
  • Dispell the myths that our countryside is in short supply and will be tarmaced over if we build more homes.
  • Propose a plan whereby planning restrictions will be loosened for homes that are built to specific energy efficiencies and with carbon neutral techniques.

For current home owners

  • This campaign aims to make it cheaper for you to move up the property ladder.
  • This campaign aims to make better quality and bigger housing available at a lower cost to change.