Home staging

Home staging (or flipping as it is sometimes called) involves dressing up a house in the hope of selling the property quickly and for the best possible price.

If done well then this certainly works but alas so many people just put their house on the market without any effort and wonder in amazement why it just hasn't sold.

Here are the key points of home staging:

  • De-clutter - People don't like to see a mess so make sure that everythign is neat and tidy and that things that will detract from a sale are moved to a storage facility.
  • De-personalise - It's all very well having photos of your family but when you want to sell you should probably remove all of this. After all, you want the people looking at your house to imagine themselves living there and anything overly personal will detract from this.
  • Neutralise - Do what the new-build home sellers do and neutralise your property. You may love your purple walls in the bedroom but this will alienate a great deal of buyers. If you hate neutral colours then tough, you are doing this to sell your property and you must focus end objective. You may well find it beneficial to take a look arounda show home on a new build property to see how the professionals do it and to take some tips.

There are also some popular TV programs which are dedicated to this subject: