Useful Links: How much did a property sell for?

Since the Land Registry opened up their database on 23rd December 2004 there have been a few websites that have sprung up, so here they all are:

Free unlimited searches. You can set up email alerts up to 10 postcodes to keep track on what's going on plus it shows property professionals within your area.

This was the first website to offer free house prices and now it is a property portal website.

A clean and uncluttered website that allows you to get the data you need without any hassle and it's free. Doesn't contain Scottish data though.

7 day unlimited searches for 10.50 This is a bit steep in our opinion when you can get this information for free on nethouseprices.

They are currently charging 1 per property price!!

My house

This website charges you for house prce information that other websites listed on this website offer for free. UK House Prices

Allows you to search on an area and see the average price for a type of property, also number of sales and change in last quarter/year.