Even Daily Mail readers can now afford a house

Daily Mail: 1.18% FIXED mortgage rate?! What you need to know to take advantage of the best deal EVER

And with prospects for my predicted 0.25% cut to 0.25% now made explicit by Carney's statements, what next for housing? Clearly, I am expecting a boom in north east London where I have purchased, due to Lea Valley lines coming under London Overground in just three months time, plus Crossrail 2 announcements soon, likely four tracking on the West Anglia Mainline to Stansted and a new Stratford to Angel Road railway. Crossrail 1 will also shift money towards Redbridge, Havering and Dagenham. So the big boom now is overspill from bloated prime London into the forgotten suburbs that peaked out previously just before World War II, when London reached its previous peak population. Now with news that immigration has soared some 50% (official numbers only), it starts to get interesting.

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Thursday, Feb 26, 2015

Government FLS boost beginning to wane?

This is money: Is property still a safe bet? Confidence in rising house prices at lowest ebb since summer of 2013, survey shows

Confidence that house prices will continue their upward momentum in the coming months has fallen to its lowest level since June 2013, a study has found. While 60 per cent of Britons surveyed in January expect average property values to be higher in a year's time, eight per cent believe prices will fall, the Halifax report shows. The overall balance of 52 per cent who expect prices to rise is the lowest since the summer of 2013, just before property values rocketed.

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Explains UK ''low unemployment'' figures

Telegraph: Zero-hours contracts 'save UK from eurozone levels of unemployment'

Business groups defend companies who use zero-hour contracts after new figures reveal 697,000 people in the UK are on them

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Tuesday, Feb 24, 2015

Triple-lock vote guarantee

Torygraph: Pensioners are now richer than the rest and we should celebrate that

What explains the catch-up of pensioners? Over the long run, the two big factors have been growing private pension entitlements and increases in state support. For the past 30 years, successive generations reaching retirement have tended to have bigger private pension pots than the last, helping to push up incomes in later life. To a large extent, this is due to the rise of occupational pensions – which have been made substantially less generous for current workers.

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Friday, Feb 20, 2015

Someone's been reading this site again


37 per cent of newly created money has gone into financial markets and 40 per cent into residential and commercial property. But, guess what? Financial markets and house prices are not included in CPI - so the effects of all that money creation is simply ignored, and the pockets of the few that operate in these sectors are lined. With stock, bond and London property prices all at record highs, for the Bank of England to be 'warning' about deflation is disingenuous.

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Thursday, Feb 19, 2015

Where you once saw Sloane, you now see Slav

Telegraph: Sloane Rangers are 'heading for extinction'

Even posh people are priced out. Did anyone notice that our houses are bought by people from the very same countries that are causing us problems politically and economically? Russia the big obvious one. So, beware, the pitchforks are coming. Unless this stops. And we must make sure it stops.

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Wednesday, Feb 18, 2015

Tax it and prices will fall

The New York Times: A High-End Property Collapse in Singapore

Singapore finally took steps to cool its overheated property market. The article presents this as a negative but it's actually a positive. Government revenues have obviously increased, though the reporter didn't bother to investigate this, and prices have been slashed to more reasonable levels so that the locals can actually afford to live there instead of foreigners looking for "Stash Pads" (The name given to NYC ultra-expensive condos by NY Magazine in an article by the same name). While speculator/owners and banks have suffered, the Singapore People will ultimately benefit. Of course, it would be better if the property tax was only on Land, not on the buildings.

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Off to the races or credit crunch 2?

Telegraph: Global financial system on brink of crunch 2

Great unemployment figures this morning so why do we have near zero rates and help to Buy?...everything on the up or verge of collapse...

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Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015

A first for the Telegraph - an old favourite here

Telegraph: Landlords to blame for Britain's rising house prices

Buy-to-let Britain is limiting choice for first time home buyers as 'investors' eat up supply at the lower end of the market.

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Sunday, Feb 15, 2015

In Q4, number of new homes being built fell for the first time in almost two years,

Reuters: UK fourth quarter construction weaker than expected as housing falls

"For December alone, total construction output rose by just 0.4 percent after dropping by 1.8 percent in November, much less of a rebound than the 2.8 percent month-on-month growth forecast by economists". Mainstream economics isnt even dismal science these days, its just guesswork and speculation. With an annual increase of 7.4%, how many years would it take to reach 250k new houses pa? Flashman?? .

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