Estate Agents rifling through your drawers

Evening Standard: Sacked estate agent caught on camera

How rife is all this rifling? More than you'd realise. This is what happens when you leave your home unattended during viewings. What would you do if you caught agents on tape rifling through your knickers?

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Thursday, Apr 16, 2015

Closing the loopholes that allow people to avoid privately collected fees for state school places...

Daily Mail: Siblings will no longer be given priority for school places as competition grows because of booming population Read more:

"A spokesman for the council said: 'A lot of people are getting school places then moving miles away, in some cases cashing in on house prices while retaining the school place. Siblings then get priority over children living closer to the school. The consultation was drawn up because parents were getting upset about this.'" What a sad indictment that the de facto private collection of entrance fees for state schools by landlords and house sellers is not challenged. There is more than enough rent in most school areas to be publicly collected and used to fund the school, instead of the poorest working households chipping in for millionaires-only primaries.

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I am seeing this myself, anyone who can fog a mirror can borrow !! No checks needed.

Telegraph: Risky mortgages are back on the rise

Risky mortgages are back on the rise, just months after the Bank of England capped home loans, as bank profit margins are squeezed by a glut of supply and falling housing demand. Figures from the Bank of England published on Wednesday showed that, while mortgages had become less available to borrowers with deposits of 25pc or more, those worth more than 90pc of the property’s value had risen for the first time in nine months. Looks like the markets into sucker territory, that's 6 to 18 months before a flat out price collapse, followed by a banking panic and the rest.

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UK house price growth hits five-month high in March - RICS

Reuters: UK house price growth hits five-month high in March - RICS

British house prices grew at their fastest pace in five months in March, fuelled by a shortage of properties, a survey showed on Thursday, adding to other signs that a cooling of the market may be ending.

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Tick tock tick tock

Guardian: UK economy a ticking time bomb set to explode after the general election

Albert Edwards, who heads the global strategy team at investment bank Société Générale and is well known for downbeat views, chides the coalition for a legacy of “grotesquely wide deficits” in both the public sector finances and on the UK’s current account – its overall trading position with the rest of the world.

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Fear. Paralysis. Jitters. Because the election.

Telegraph: Mansion tax fears and election jitters crippling property market and causing price bubble

Fears of a mansion tax, jitters over the election result and increases in stamp duty have paralysed the housing market and caused a “worrying” price bubble because so few properties are being put on sale, estate agents have warned. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) said buyers are scrambling to buy the few homes that are currently on the market, squeezing prices up after months of relative stability. Meanwhile the property website Zoopla warned that Ed Miliband's plans for a mansion tax would have a “significant” long-term impact on the housing market and would make it even harder for young people to buy their own homes.

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Wednesday, Apr 15, 2015

100 years of deflation. anyone

Dailymail: 2015 tipping point for Inflation?

Very interesting chart...there have clearly been periods of stagnation and the also fits in with some.commentators that we are heading for decades of DEFLATION Just like JAPAN after all we are doing exactly what they did which didn't work

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More Tory subsidised selloffs

May2015: Extending ‘Right to Buy’ is a terrible policy that even Thatcher didn’t dare do

Thatcher's "Right to Buy" was unrivalled in offering such poor value to taxpayers, who paid for building council houses, subsidised the massive discounts when they were sold at a loss, and missed out on the rental income as a third of ex-council houses ended up in the hands of private landlords. Councils are now forced to pay private landlords high rates to house their homeless families. Now Cameron wants to extend this scheme to Housing Associations. Did you hear that, private tenants? Your taxes will be used to subside a relatively small number of tenants who are already in secure, affordable accommodation to obtain a valuable asset. Meanwhile you’ll carry on paying sky-high rents for a highly insecure one-year tenancy. Does that sound fair?

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Tuesday, Apr 14, 2015

Housing associations say they'll sue if the Tories force them to sell off homes under right-to-buy

Independent: Help to Buy Votes

Housing associations set to be crippled by Conservative plans to extend the right-to-buy policy will launch a legal challenge against the move, they have said. The Tories announced today that they will force housing associations to sell off homes at a fraction of their value despite warnings that the policy could cause the not-for-profits to go bankrupt.. Other housing association chief executives are quoted as saying they “would be surprised” if a legal challenge did not happen because the policy would risk the viability of the entire social housing sector.

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When the loot from the pension freedom bonanza runs out, will OAPs sell up?

Torygraph: Australians got pension freedom and they are running out of money

"Australia scrapped compulsory annuities 20 years ago but will probably have to bring them back, so Britain's pension freedoms are a big mistake, says Mark Wood" This is a way down the track but I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened here. Folk cashing in their pension, blowing it all, then falling back on the state. The question is, will the government bite the bullet and ask for the feckless to contribute by liquidating their housing assets instead of leaning on the already heavily burdened working population?

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