Even Daily Mail readers can now afford a house

Daily Mail: 1.18% FIXED mortgage rate?! What you need to know to take advantage of the best deal EVER

And with prospects for my predicted 0.25% cut to 0.25% now made explicit by Carney's statements, what next for housing? Clearly, I am expecting a boom in north east London where I have purchased, due to Lea Valley lines coming under London Overground in just three months time, plus Crossrail 2 announcements soon, likely four tracking on the West Anglia Mainline to Stansted and a new Stratford to Angel Road railway. Crossrail 1 will also shift money towards Redbridge, Havering and Dagenham. So the big boom now is overspill from bloated prime London into the forgotten suburbs that peaked out previously just before World War II, when London reached its previous peak population. Now with news that immigration has soared some 50% (official numbers only), it starts to get interesting.

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