Less than £15k for farmhouses with land!

France 3: High Tension House Sales (translated)

I went to enquire about these, originally bought compulsorily by EDF, as it seemed very cheap for a 4-5 bed farmhouse and 1/3 of an acre of land - even for something near national grid pylons (one set of which had been there since 1985 the others in 2014). Unfortunately they had been withdrawn from sale for some reason. I figured that it was worth a punt that in 20 years with solar panels, battery technology and perhaps even fusion reactors, the energy wasting grid system and the pylons will be totally redundant. It was also not that much money to risk. I wonder what they would have sold for if it had been in the UK

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A question of when not if there is a crash

Dailymail: £200billion buy to let timebomb

Buy to let makes no financial sense and as for long term...good luck if you leverage the loan And if it goes pear shaped good luck with selling at anywhere near these Looney prices. A timebomb to end all timebombs

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