Does this tell us that the Euro ix doomed?

Zero Hedge: Germany Issues 2Y Note At Record Low Yield Of -0.07%

As noted previously, BOE cannot raise rates whilst German rates are raging towards negative. Do these bond rates suggest that the Eurozone is collapsing? Investors betting on German Exit? If the Euro does collapse and Scotland votes No, where does Ireland turn for support? Britain paid £7bn towards the last Irish bailout, ECB will be too busy this time around, if it still exists. I feel that 18th September, if Scotland votes no, will be the low water mark for the UK. With even most N.Irish Catholics pro Union now, we could well see EIRE return to the fold, under a very new form of Union, a Federal United Kingdom, where Westminster acts much in the way of Washington, managing currency, defence, international treaties and various other services if and when the States need or request it.

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