Notes on a Micro Bubble

Guardian: Towns the UK property boom forgot: 'We sold at a £410,000 loss'

Textbook bubble story: "this was autumn 2007, and this was Northern Ireland. For a brief moment in time a province that was a byword for violence transformed itself into the world’s most sizzling property market. Builders who were knocking out small estates of semis initially priced at £120,000 were selling them for £200,000 on completion six months later. Investors from the Celtic Tiger south were driving north and snapping up anything they could lay their hands on. Banks were falling over themselves to lend."

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Enfield now has the second fastest house prices in the uk

Land registry Aug stats: I told you so

At 13.9% it is now second fastest growing, up from third last month, just pinched to the top spot by Hillingdon at 14.8%

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