FT: London’s luxury housing market freeze intensifies

The number of homes changing hands in London’s luxury housing market has fallen precipitously as political uncertainty and fears that the market has become overblown continue to escalate. Houses were worst hit, seeing a drop in transactions of more than 50 per cent. Flats and apartment sales fell by 27 per cent.

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The Economist: Location, location, location

Published in the summer, has some pretty charts.

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Osborne - as bad as Gordon Brown

Telegraph: UK growth slows to 0.7pc as services sector falters

Britain's dominant services sector slows sharply, though UK economy remains on course to be the fastest growing in G7 this year

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Oh noes, meaningless rigged stats looking bad

CityAM: UK GDP growth slows to 0.7 per cent

The UK's GDP growth fell to 0.7 per cent in the third quarter of 2014, figures released by the Office for National Statistics this morning showed. The figure is slightly down from the second quarter's 0.9 per cent, although slower growth had been expected. The government will be fervently hoping that growth holds up well as the May 2015 general election draws ever nearer, and it will be particularly hoping that earnings growth picks up and inflation remains low so that an increasing number of voters feel that their living standards are improving. The new normal means weak growth is good for house prices because interest rates stay lower for longer.

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Anything to get buyers into my shop to buy houses!!

Daily mail: Estate agent left red-faced after porn channel is shown on wide-screen TV in the window

Estate agent left red-faced after porn channel is shown on wide-screen TV in the window bring the jokes on

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Hard landing for London as no Chinese equity to re-leveraged in London

Reuters: Chinese home prices fall for fifth month in September, year's gains lost

Chinese home prices fell for a fifth straight month in September, wiping out gains scored in the past year and raising expectations the government will have to implement more economic support measures to cushion the blow. The monthly falls left average home prices in 70 major Chinese cities down 1.3 percent in September from a year earlier, the first such drop since November 2012. New home prices fell month-on-month in a record 69 of the 70 major cities, up from 68 in August.

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Thursday, Oct 23, 2014

Errr....Rates were going lower anyway..

Telegraph: Interest rates could stay low permanently, says BoE deputy governor

QE just helped rates go lower more quickly says Broadbent. On the surface, the BoE can't make it's blinking mind up. However, I would suggest the real reason is because the Fed sets the rates (that's right - NOT the market). It's an era of financial repression. Box in the sheep, grab their legs, cut their wool off...Simples!

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London cooling off

Auntie: Foxtons shares tumble 15% on house price warning

Shares in Foxtons plunged 15% after the estate agent warned that the London's property market was cooling. The company, whose 50 branches operate mainly in the capital, reported a "sharp and recent slowing of volumes" in London sales.

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According to Paragon more than 18% of households are currently paying rent to BTL parasites.

Torygraph: Buy-to-let boom: one in five homes now owned by landlords

"The Government's own figures suggest that by 2032, more than one in three properties will be owned by private landlords."

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The have a right to oppose new development but not a responsibility to limit their own consumption

Torygraph: Move out of your big homes and help society, minister tells over-55s

“It should not be the role of Government or anyone else to dictate to people what kind of house or living accommodation is best for them – it should be up to them to choose.” Well, let's get rid of all planning permission, building regulations, etc.

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