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John Gray On The Radio

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Posted 26 December 2011 - 08:32 AM

Later today (18:15) on Radio 4 the philosopher John Gray is doing a 15 minute spot. He is one of the most sensible thinkers around in my opinion and this should be worth a listen. His big thing is utopian projects of which he includes globalization and the EU.

The author and philosopher John Gray on the merits of living for the present.

"We tend to look forward to a future state of fulfilment in which all turmoil has ceased", Gray writes. But, he says, "when we look to the future to give meaning to our lives, we lose the meaning we can make for ourselves here and now".

He argues that we should give up our obsession with endings and urges us not to be wary of change. "Humans are sturdy creatures, built to withstand disruption".

"Conflict never ceases", he says, "but neither do human resourcefulness, adaptability and courage".

On Europe, he writes, "wherever Europe's elites turn for support, the pillars begin to crumble and shake. Eventually every utopian project comes to grief - and while it started as a benign creation, the European project has long since acquired an unmistakably utopian quality. The efforts that are being made to renew the project are only accelerating its demise".

"Renewing our lives in the face of recurring evils", he concludes, "is the task...that has always faced human beings. Looking to an end-time is a way of failing to cherish the present - the only time that is truly our own".

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