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  2. I agree re the failure of euro management. However the same critisism can be levelled at any country that keeps interest rate lower than they should be for extended periods of time and allows public and private debt to grow unchecked to unsustainable levels. The difference between 'them' and 'us' is that we, as a sovereign, can and do print our way out. That sovereign option did not exist for Greece, hard lesson indeed for a country used to inflating away political ineptitude, as do we.
  3. A stock market float for the Range? They have a fair number stores already. maybe there would be more appetite for their model. I’ve not seen their limited company numbers which are probably on companies house. The article hints at dangling bait to private equity.
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  5. I don't really get your punt. If the market price doubles, which some may feel is a good thing, it is nor realisable to the residents. The growing liability of the ground rent increases whatever happens to house prices or your income. It also makes the value of the house very difficult to value without an accountant. Although it probably means that they overpaid for house by about £30,000.
  6. Thats about what they go for in that area.
  7. Proptastic to Droptastic

    Originally read that yesterday as meaning price over £3m!! I've only just worked out it means months.
  8. UK Retail Declines Over Christmas

    Interesting, seems as though this might actually be the one year where Christmas retail sales do actually disappoint. However, the report is being somewhat sneaky, comparing with November (which, of course, includes Black Friday), as opposed to the previous December.
  9. Let's face it. If you want to buy gold ,$100 per month won't cut it. There is a minimum threshold to buy gold and it's above $100. You can buy silver for $17. Or pewter for pennies. Bitcoin is gold 2.0.
  10. Liar. The btrash fork away from bitcoin. One day you'll stop lying. Consorting with crooks, lying is probably desirable.
  11. I had some 2.5g bars and all I did was eBay them! I was curious about the exact same things you mention so it was a trial run. I put them on for just under what they would cost from a dealer, with pics showing them still sealed etc. I made enough to break even inc postage and as I'm only interest in preserving what wealth I can afford to set aside in PMs that's fine with me
  12. Proptastic to Droptastic

    I would be a happy bunny with 35-50% fall from current
  13. Looks like it's a HTB special. Government kickbacks to the builders. Inflated price. Lots of outrage and sympathy in the press though. And the usual calls for "rescue" of the "victims".
  14. Liar loans and 'Lazy Greeks myth, red herring in explaining crisis' 10 mins and worth a watch IMHO:
  15. I suggested upthread that Macron is France first, Franco/German axis second and the EU third. As you say, maybe he will change his spots but since he is currently discussing CAP reforms, it's not going to be any time soon. Federalism is the end goal and Macron is currently carving this path: Carillion is just the latest in a long line of corporate/oversight failures and RBS casts its elephantine shadow across them all. I share your desire for, "progressive, compassionate and inclusive politics" and hope it will manifest itself before the next GE.
  16. I read this earlier, different report but same story. I know its cambs, but 175k for a leasehold coach house?
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  18. If you replace those 3 words with "crypto coins in general"...oh never mind. This thread is just too entertaining.
  19. The power of the MSM... and EUrophile bias: It exposed the failure in euro management: The proposal to expel Greece was Slovenia's: Nope, that was the EU's meme: Proto-Leavers? Farage was widely reported on this:
  20. @chronyx Out of interest say you had 10 sovereigns you bought for 980 and wanted to sell them, how would you go about it, ie where, and what rate would you get, if the spot was the same on both days, (really meaning what % is it going to cost in fees to sell it back)
  21. Well, there's this: The writer has attributed it to SJR, but I'm thinking it has earlier origins. The Indie quote comes from an article about globalisation entitled "Science is key to how we add value and create wealth", written by SJR for The Telegraph in 2006. In that article, SJR does not attribute the maxim to anyone: Here is another reference to SJR's usage of the adage, this time with a suggestion it has earlier origins (unattributed): I should add that the quote concerns wealth (a tangible thing) rather than money (wtf is that?).
  22. The long read for me tonight about the equilibrium theory ...or not.
  23. The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    Kraken don't have any wire fees. But the bank will charge you to wire internationally (varies). There wesite is superb now after the recent upgrade. As far as I know there is not an exchange that will receive GBP from a national bank transfer (chaps) they are all international accounts.
  24. Proptastic to Droptastic

    By keeping sales volumes up and artifically inflated prices for 1/2 bed flats, giving builders breathing space and helping them to sustain in a hard market. Most properties in London for first time buyers are flats not houses.
  25. SNB share price.In it's exponential phase
  26. OK, there's this to highlight things not going swimmingly with the flagging Capitalist system:
  27. Steve Keen and a host of non neo classical economists have been pointing out this rather obvious problem with their modelling for a long time. It's incredible that the neo classicists who populate the senior spots of most Western CB's aren't that bothered about private debt levels.
  28. While it might have caused some not to come, doubt many have actually left as a result.
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