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  2. The War In Syria

    Russia Reveals Footage of US Forces Near Daesh Positions North of Deir-ez-Zor
  3. 3 millennials on a train

    very hard to get BTL these days without first having your own home, so even if they wanted to it would be very hard, if you cant afford your own home generally you cant get a BTL either
  4. Conservatives plan to restrict foreign buyers

    Yep, though you'd expect it to impact on sales of existing homes too I suppose. Interesting chart on land prices here showing central London has already peaked.
  5. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

    did I say that...? what I think isn't the point. What do doctors think is the point. And evidently many want to own land and property the oldest symbol of status in human history
  6. Listed properties just money pits?

    Only if you fully understand the responsibilities and commitments that you are taking on and you are happy to do so. Otherwise, no. Listed properties aren't necessarily money pits (although they can be), but they do impose restrictions on what you can do with them. This can lead to frustration (even anger) with the authorities, making you wonder just who actually owns the property!
  7. Nah. Brown was smart enough to reclassify consumption and benefits as investments - 'Investing in our future .. by borrowing money o spend on tax credits to raise kids (who Im sure will be hugely productive workers ....) And here we are. ~4% budget defricit. National debt doubled. ~50% of working age families with kids on tax credits (v. expensive benefits). Eurodisney, car makers, Dominoes pizza and spoons has done fantastic off Brown's 'investment'. Uk . less so.
  8. Listed properties just money pits?

    Yes, normally. Id never by a thatched cottage. Ever.
  9. I was in Tesco yesterday and just like @Ash4781 I find its prices have shot up and range/selection decreased dramatically. They have removed certain cheap items (their everyday essentials toothpaste) in the hope that you will buy an expensive one instead. They also have done the opposite, reduced the range of e.g. canned tomatoes deleting the most expensive one which I used to like, presumably because not a top seller so why not make things less work for themselves with five different types instead of six. I went with a friend who has always been well-off, even though now much less well-off after their business failed. We shared a shopping trolley, my bit had a modest pile of stuff while the other person was piling things in like there will be a hurricane tomorrow. My gentle comments along the lines of "that's hella more expensive than it used to be" and "do you really need that?" just went whoosh over the head. Shopping is all about psychology and personal attitude to money and some people will continue to pay the advertised price until they literally are unable to.
  10. Interesting article many thanks- but it seems there are lots of warning signals being observed out there and even MSM stories now regarding the world economy, but nobody able to see what actual event might trigger a collapse. Maybe an actual Big Event won't be needed because all of a sudden some debts won't be serviced and there's a snowball effect.
  11. I don't know about the particulates to be honest. All I am doing is repeating some information off the radio. I would imagine gas heating is low in particulates, but solid fuels and oil heating could be high. Any high temperature, such as a flame, results in some NOx being formed and gas flames are no exception. As for the rest of it that is a separate question. The question I am raising was about manipulation of the population. There is apparently an air quality crisis, that requires emergency measures. Doing away with IC cars is the solution, yet they are only 11% of emissions in London. This is the question.
  12. Listed properties just money pits?

    Pros and cons for sure. Friends live in a great old cottage in the Lake District- walls about 4 feet thick- not sure it was listed, but they put on a really big and modern extension and it worked out very well. This place looks full of character- the thatch and its upkeep is a bit of an unknown- maybe it's like there's thatch, and then there's Thatch.
  13. The republicans, seen by many to be the good guys in comparison with the nationalists. But that's not entirely a true interpretation of the history of the Civil War. They did attract a mix of anarchists and communists, anti royalists and anti Church. All with their own agenda. Backed up by Stalin's tanks on the streets of Spain.
  14. Yes, you have got to think our options will remain limited. Subsidies are bound to be regulated by the rules of any free trade deals we obtain. But because they are bilateral, hopefully we can have more tailored solutions than we have with the single market.
  15. Before anyone had even heard of Uber, just about all taxi drivers were self employed. As close to 100% as makes no difference. It's still that way and it should stay that way because it works out better for both the drivers and the passengers. A noticeable amount of drivers asleep in their cars waiting for work is symptom of a poor economy, not a broken transport system. Passenger safety concerns are down to background checks. If it's true that councils issue badges to immigrants because 'no history = good history' then that is worrying. Maybe a minimum period of residence before any background check can be passed? Where other taxi firms have a genuine complaint imo is that Uber drivers aren't paying what they should be paying. Only working a few hours each weekend cannot pay if you play by the same rules as regular PH drivers.
  16. I like the look of this place ... once they knock another £100k off. But it is listed, has a thatched roof ... Are such places ever a good idea?
  17. I feel that the Warshwaski brothers see humanity for exactly what it is.
  18. Aggregator Sites: do you trust them?

    There are no direct links between me and my imaginary friend, however if hiding your true identity behind a pen name, nickname or avatar got you blacklisted everyone on here would be on it, so would J K Rowling et al. I don't have credit, no need for it so they can do what they like, anyway it couldn't be first party fraud as no payment is involved. First party fraud refers to fraud that is committed by an individual or group of individuals on their own account by opening an account with no intention of repayment.
  19. Today
  20. The CAP payments to farmers/rich landowners may have to be replaced with something nearly as expensive. Otherwise UK farmers won't be able to compete with cheaper imported foods. Unless the pound crashes in a big way of course. Just hope it is something better than CAP....
  21. Rules that the UK strongly promoted, without us the EU would not have adopted them. For the UK they were a way of stopping unfair competition from subsidised EU industries. As to whether we can start subsidising loss making industries after we leave the EU, that would depend on the terms of whatever trade deals we sign. If we get a free trade deal with the EU the answer is probably no, and even if we don't we will still have to abide by WTO anti dumping rules.
  22. Aggregator Sites: do you trust them?

    Thanks O5. More great advice. I have an alter ego I invented for forums, but, being naive by nature (bad genes ), I used to think aggregators trustworthy ( where is the face-palm emoticon?), so only used that fake ID on one such site. Incidentally, the whole Equifax thing had me researching credit reference agencies, where I discovered, to my horror, that having such a fake ID might make such firms class me as having committed so-called 'first party fraud'. Moreover, they could theoretically place this adjudication against my (real) name, in their big-brother databases - without the benefit of investigation, trial, judge or jury! Moreover, that action could have real consequences - 'could', I say, if I wanted any of their stinking credit!
  23. Will they want to? Probably. Can they afford to? Well, not being able to afford something doesn't seem to stop governments from doing it anyway...
  24. My house is 19th century (don't know exactly when). Old house with at least the basic modern conveniences like running water and electricity is a pretty good combination IMO. I find all 20th century ones bland and impersonal at best, and there's an ever-increasing belt of them surrounding most places like flab around an obese slob. The technology has made house building easier, and is what has produced that change. Plus a lot of the real rubbish from ages past has long vanished anyway. It's not just houses though, tin box industrial estates, tin box shopping centres, every "improvement" on the railways, roads etc. It just isn't a pleasant environment, and in many / most cases it's been achieved by trampling over something rather less lifeless. You can point at all the problems of the past that have been thankfully confined to history, but there's quite a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  25. First Time buyer - Questions

    its not really a wealth tax as there are very wealthy people living in modest houses and some normal people, retired teachers etc who's family home has boomed in value over the years through no fault of their own. The cap was put in place, as it is in England to avoid excessive rates charge due simply to the location of your property. There is a lower threshold, where people under a certain income can obtain Rates relief or assistance (tax payer picks up part of bill). You could claim the rest of us are subsidising in that situation too but that would be simply unfair. equally there is a cap at the top end to avoid the over charging of rates due to location. This cap can be adjusted from time to time.
  26. 3 millennials on a train

    I am astonished!!!! My mind is usually in the gutter but even I didnt make that link
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