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Stephen Nolan T V On B B C Ulster

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Just watched the show. Well done FP for staying calm with Nolan on one side of you and the EA on the other. I think it was a fair discussion, and the messages accross the bottom of the screen said it all really.

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At least you are Scottish so will get away with it. Might be useful to point out that prices for larger houses in towns like Newtownards and Bangor nevermind the better bits of Belfast were getting close to the same levels as Alderley Edge in Cheshire or nice parts of southern England where the average income is probably three times higher.

I am from NI originally and have relatives still over and hear hilarious/bizarre/sad stories about the last three years. NI was truly in its silliness.

Thanks for getting my little point in FP! Gave me a big cheshire grin when I watched it on Iplayer. And though Nolan really didn't like the point, it is utterly true, as the ridiculous £3.4m house in Malone in Belfast cited earlier on this thread and marketed by your EA opponent on the show demonstrates. I live in Bramhall and the same house would have an asking price at between £1.5m to £1.75m at absolute tops. Bramhall is a good equivalent of Malone, and I would think has equivalent average earnings. In a rational economic setting, Malone house prices wouldn't get anywhere near Alderley Edge/Prestbury, and I have serious doubts as to whether the equivalent house in Alderley Edge would have an asking price near the Malone house mentioned above. Just shows how ridiculous NI is.

I don't think Nolan was that aggressive actually - that is just his manner and anyone who watches the show (as I do when visiting family back home) knows that and would take his challenges with a pinch of salt.

Nolan did point out that young FTB couples were delighted with prices falling and that they didn't care about developers and banks. He also read out loads of bearish texts. Took the piss out of the lad who bought 2 houses. I think he was very fair overall. An NI presenter can just be a bit more lively than the staid brit equivalent ;)

The EA would have been taken for what he was by NI people - making the best of a bad job.

Oh, just one little thing... your specs are probably very expensive, but a bit shiny for TV.... really :blink:

Overall, I thought it was a win for HPC, but suspect that a live studio audience is less your forte than a one on one interview with a dedicated news journalist. A live studio audience format is much more difficult than some of the usual harpers who criticise on here could possibly imagine.

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Just watched it on iplayer - well done FP!

You managed to stay calm and collected. When you pointed out that falls of 50% were predicted a year ago and that 30% falls had happened already the EA looked a tad pale! :lol: I notice that the EA did not have a response for that little piece of info!

The ignorant caller was probably a little feckwit fed up with people viewing his property and only putting in "silly/insulting" offers :lol: They don't like it when they can't find another greater fool!

Well done FP!

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