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Remember Ch 4 News In April - After The Halifax 2.5% Drop

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One question though. How come there was no mention of On other interviews I've seen you mentioned as a spokesperson for this website so why did that not come up?

It's NEVER my decision how I'm billed. C4 know me as the spokesman for and as MD of A............ D....

Last time they billed me as This time AD.

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Great job FP.

One Q though, when John Snow asked at the end if you were going home depressed tonight about the HPC, why didn't you high five him and shout "Bring it on!"?

I see there's been a comment or two about the last sentence of my post, it was made tongue-in-cheek, I must remember to add a smiley next time. FP handled the whole interview very professionally, if he started air punching at the end then that would have shown him to be as inept as Krusty and the rest of the rampers. He's right this is going to get grim, especially for the muppets who thought houseprices only go one way, up, and servicing huge quantities of debt is a good thing.

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OK ok , but where were the REAL experts ?

It's all very well , having Jonathan Davies (BA MBA FCII AIFP FPFS ) ,former chair of the London region of the "Institute of finacial plannning , and the small fact that he has been proved right for the last few years .

WHAT ABOUT KIRSTY AND PHIL ?? They aren't getting a mention .

They have had their own programme on Telly , for goodness sake , you can't get more qualified than that!!!!!


(PS, I might have said this before , but FP was flippin' brilliant !!!!!!)

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