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B B C Breakfast With Declan Curry

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Yawn, can't wait for someone to ask you on telly when you sold your house.

Still waiting for the Dow to hit 15,000 fancy updating us on that prediction?

Just another VI who couldn't predict his way out of a paperbag.


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A cool, calm performance from FP.

Best thing I heard was Declan`s reply to FP saying that the rest of the world is seeing large house price drops, "but this is Britain !". :lol:

FP was saying that prices were falling in other parts of the world. That statement in and of itself is not evidence that prices will fall in the UK. It was a perfectly valid question from Declan and probably reflects what the 'average' person would be thinking watching that interview. Sometimes interviewers ask questions simply in order to get the person talking or to lead them in a certain direction.

He's a bit of a div, but not everything he says is rubbish.

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For the benefit of anyone who missed this, and/or can't listen to the YouTube clip that Crown provided, here is a transcript. (Apologies for any errors I've introduced...)

Thanks for typing that all out Benj, I haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

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