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On 4/3/2016 at 8:02 AM, ccc said:

There is one on the bridge. Opposite that farm food place that's being knocked down and replaced by some generic pish.

So I walked past that public toilet yesterday (doing the Water of Leith Walkway). It still stands, but closing date was August 16, IIRC. The farm food place also still stands. I also noticed that the  Quartermile is still unfinished. Ocean Terminal seemed to be doing okay, but BHS has closed and the Wagamama was empty at 6, while the one on Lothian had a good queue at 7.

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Yes Edinburgh is a strange place these days. Lothian Road has now become one of the 'trendy' places to go. Lots of beards and 'street' food. I prefer shit hole boozers personally.

That farm food place doesn't have long left. As for the bogs - I don't know I don't hang around men's public toilets very often. During the week.

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