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D D D S -- Deliberate Dollar Debauchment Syndrome

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Deliberate Dollar Debauchment Syndrome (DDDS)

Inflation fears have gripped the hearts of investors who are watching the dollar drop into the nether regions and want to get their hands on nearly anything tangible to protect themselves from the Fed’s deliberate dollar debauchment syndrome (DDDS). I have read medical journals detailing trial studies of those afflicted with DDDS and the first and most obvious sign is that of denial of reality. Statements such as: “inflationary expectations remained reasonably well anchored” were reported among numerous volunteers who were being studied during the trials. Several volunteers were also reported muttering during the REM stage of sleep the following words: “STRONG DOLLAR – BAD; WEAK DOLLAR – GOOD”. And no, the answer is not Viagra! The little blue pill may be said to cure lots of things but DDDS is not one of them!

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